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  • WHY DID I MISS YOU ONLINE??????????????????????????????????????????????? DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD=

    I seriously doubt you remember me, because its been almost two years since I've last spoken to you, but:
    DeviantART tends to shrink the picture so if someone posts a massivly huge picture, it doesn't overwhelm the viewer when they click the page. If you downloaded it though, it would've been full size.

    OK. :3

    I am. I just have Helper to Hero and The Great Cave Offensive left to do.
    I'm not as active as I used to be either. :/ Serebii kinda lost it's spark for me.

    I also find it annoying whenever i post artwork I worked so hard on and no one comments. >>; I think it's because when people look at art, they expect something photoshoped, not MS Painted. Oh well...
    Thanks. I didn't read the comic when it was actually in the papers, but my brother's got a few collections of them, and I really like that quote.

    The main reason I remembered you was from the Meteos signature you had a while ago. It's always nice to see other fans of that game, haha. I haven't played the Disney version and I don't plan to, since it appears to take out what made the original special: the fact that blocks had to be moved up and down.

    Interesting musings. I don't like revealing a lot about me online, either, but I like to help out. And, unfortunately, the forum seems to have become a "part" of me, per se.
    I meant it as a joke. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. That’s great you don’t want to take advantage of her. With the way the world is today it’s good to see there are still a few good people around :)

    I’m sure you’ll finish them sooner or later.

    Thanks for saying that mate. I hate to tut my own horn but I have changed things quite a bit. When we make phone calls, to ask people if they support Obama; and also to help them find an early voting place. If we end up getting McCain supporter I said we should still help them rather than hanging up. This way we don’t appear bias.

    You need to be more careful when you cyber XD. But that’s was nice of to give it up for her you must really care for her. So you did the right thing for the one you love.

    Thanks mate. Do you by any chance have anyone of them uploaded to the computer. I’d love to see them.

    May I ask why one of you would have had to get rid of your MSN?

    How could be forget your awesome and we all love you. My life is going well I’m doing work for Obama’s headquarters right now.

    Sorry for the late reply. I couldn’t reply back when you sent it. Then it got pushed back a few pages.

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