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Yellow De Viridian Grove

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  • Let me know what colours are blinding and I'll see if there is a duller shade of the same colour that I can substitute.
    If I can't find a colour that's suitable though, I am just going to have to keep the colors the same.
    But like I said, give me your list and I'll see what I can do.

    As for the war team, your name must have gotten lost in the transition. I'll re-add you.
    Lol, Hitmonlee was hilarious. Keeping that Amoonguss alive just so you could complete the Challenge, and of course your opponent using Protect when you Trick Room'd first.
    Sorry for the late reply but it's fine if it's non-Pokemon! Renders are fine too if you want to use them.
    It is highly recommended that you provide the art pieces but if you're going to be okay with what I choose, then it's fine too.
    Yep which tbh ring of fire is like the only guild that is active enough to war because my war captain naoto he has a hard time getting any of the other guilds to war with :/ but were on break atm because of my activity. I hope to get this laptop fixed soon miss talking to you all :( also atm soft resetting for shiny lugia which I have no charm and my luck is dry XD what you been up to though?
    I'm alright just dealing with my new laptop which the motherboard got killed somehow so I going through this long warranty process if they will cover it -_- as well as I have no Photoshop to do requests for my art shop sadly and can't really do to much updating on anything on serebii :/ I know my guild been slightly inactive because of it >.< but enough about me I am glad your doing good which I saw your in ring of fire :)
    you can do a banner with two images but traditionally avatar banners have three ;) but like I said you can do those things if you want.
    Updated your Spotlight Challenge. Also your Castform Battle Video will just be pending until you ever want to get a working battle video posted. Other than that, keep up the good work.
    Ditto and that what a CCAT is for?

    I can't help but chuckle. Your avatar makes all your posts that much funnier. The expression I mean :p
    Altaria? That's a nice mega :)

    He has a habit of doing that to people o_O

    I'm sure you put up a good fight tho!
    Woah, lol.

    But, volt core is nice.

    More Empoleons? Can I vote for the other one?

    Also, Why was in Xat looking for you
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