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Yellow De Viridian Grove

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  • But you see I love the way it's causing a discussion :D

    I could post a response, but at this point I'm not really familiar with what is and isn't a threat in OU

    Case in point. Mega Venusaur. I run into a lot of them and usually need a counter. But DJ tells me that in Smogonland it's not common at all.

    Whereas until recently Gengar wasn't really run cos it's frail and the support set is outclassed by bulkier pokes. But again in Smogonland it runs LO offensive set :p

    So need ma singles hat. I'll wait to see if anyone else posts cos your all experts ;)

    Thanks for accepting btw :D
    Actually nyope.

    Cos you know more of what you're talking about ;)

    But i'm not changing my vote :p
    Currently trying to think of something to post in response to your last post :p

    Hah, I need way more practise in singles tho, before I enter :p

    ;) Sweeping Zangoose eh?

    I'm not nearly good enough to enter something like that.

    Sorry if it seems like imma arguing with you in the guild :3 lol
    Ohhhhh, I didn't realise that.

    I've seen a few Chansey's in doubles.... usually when my physical attackers are dead +_+ :p

    Hah! Tran is like I would say, one of the best competitive mons. Tbh IMO.

    Ohhh, stall? Hmmm. :p

    Do you ever go on the offensive? ;)

    But she's pretty. Ecspecially when shiny :p

    Knock off ruins it tho :(

    Kinda leading towards Blissey atm. Lefties really hurts Chansey. I mean not having it lol.

    Wahey! We need to get a war going. Either with TEF or Veneno.

    Alotta ma favourites are in RU. So may try that tier out at some point :S

    Sorry, I voted for not Tran :|
    I like how Chansey just walls life.

    Ferro is just so fun.

    Hmmm, okies.

    Would you be up for a war with another guild?

    Only played OU at this point. Wanna branch out, but not yet... still have to get VGC matches done :O
    Do you like the likes of Ferrothorn/Hippowdon?

    I adore those, and Chansey, haha. All the latter two are recent, but the former just is an auto win against Mega Venusaur :p

    Do you usually play OU too?

    Sorry for all the questions. I just find the singles format very new and strange yet exciting. If that makes sense?

    I've been running a Shuca berry variant lately. But it's noticeable how much I miss the lefties :(

    Not that tran is going to be run at all with Primals running rampant :|

    I digress :p

    Does everyone stall? Going to PS, and the amount of stall +_+ loooool.

    Do you run stall?
    Aha, depending on the format! But alas in either format, forgoing any of it's "standard" moves is not recommended :/

    You'd be surprised how well lefties Tran works :p

    Most Gard's/Sylv's I run into don't carry Focus Miss/HP Ground respectively :p And Clefable? Yeah w/e :p

    I love that set you posted! Does Tran not usually run Fireblast/Heatwave in OU?
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