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  • haha it took awhile for someone apparently I wanted to reply on the thread but it would have bumped it. If I could have put something on there I would have put something along the lines of "Yeah as normal as a baseball bat at a football game!"
    "Except that being gay will never be normal" lol that made me laugh though it is true

    somebody tried to counter you with something along the lines of 'being gay is as common as being left handed or being a citizen of the US'

    to that I say lol as well because something being common is an inferior way to attempt to prove the normality of it
    The order of the Mario RPGs is Superstar Saga > Partners in Time > Bowser's Inside Story, not what you mentioned in said thread.
    I can't think of a response that wouldn't have been too expected or unfunny.
    So I'm just going to tell you that fact instead.
    'Tis called The American Revolution.

    And, yes, the French did ally with America. Though they never really did anything... At all. France was never really directly interested in the conflict; it was pretty much just an opportunity to contest British power, by supporting the new British opponent. All they really did was sign a couple treaties, open some ports, and make it legal to sell gunpowder and ammo to Americans. See the France Section of the American Revolution. Their involvement really meant crap.

    ...And even then, that was in the 18th Century. I said 19+ plox.
    Wait are you referring to Napoleon. Because that's like, old shiz.
    Plus he was a midget. So it doesn't really count. (My logik rulez!)

    Nineteenth Century or later plz. =o
    Happy cinco de mayo.

    Celebratin' when you ****ed up the French.
    ...Which honestly, shouldn't really be celebrated.
    I mean, who can't **** up the French?
    Though, I guess it's another day to drink. So, woo.
    Heh. Hehe.

    Though technically that's not the Firefox one...
    The Firefox one is darker. It's just similar...
    ...But that's besides the point.
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