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  • Oooh.

    Well, in that respect, yes, we have them, though they are rather bland.
    They do, however, spit out liquid gold and gasoline if the right conditions are met.
    Do you really think we'd be able to manage two heads when we don't have any souls?
    Come one now. Use some logic.
    I talk to one or two of my old friends on facebook, and on rare occaisons MSN, but eh.
    I don't really use either of them that much.

    *Shrug* I kinda like the mall, as rare as I go. Though there is, honestly, little to do at my mall.
    It's almost COMPLETELY clothing & such stores; no arcade or whatnot, or really anything entertaining.
    Except maybe a GameStop. I'unno. Well, there's a food court, I guess.

    I never get invited to parties. =3
    Well, I have a couple, but usually it's too late or some crap.
    I don't really go out late. Or even go out that much at all, honestly. Ehhh.

    Personally, I do occasionally go to Sporting Events or something and see someone I remember occasionally.
    I have to admit I miss some of my friends, but eh.
    You were bullied or you did the bullying?

    Because if it was because you were bullied, I had a very very very very very very similar (by which I mean exactly the same) thing happen to me.

    Well I know "año" is year and "Mi" is my...
    So I'm going to assume it's something about how you haven't played the game in a year or so?

    *Too lazy to translate it*
    Un "Expo" es liek, un grande conference thing. Like Comicon y E3.

    Random spanish thrown in for NO REASON!
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