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  • Thank you too! Let me know if you two would like anything else, I'm always up for more a trainer-based Pokemon! C:
    WHEW I'm sorry fro the wait, I'll hop on now! When you see me please send me a request! c:
    Agh sorry, stuff is acting up so I'm having trouble cloning. I'll message you when I've got it!
    Hi hi! Sorry for the wait, I'm trying to organize trades. @w@ Lemme clone Typhlosion and then we'll be good!
    Oh I see! Sorry, I have a normal weekend (Sat & Sun) but last week they changed it around because I had to work Sat. I normally work Mon-Fri. @w@
    Cool! I've got like 5 trades at that time so I'll be around for sure hahah.
    If I was available now I would have said so; I'm at work so I'm just on to check messages. @w@ 8-9 tonight is fine by me! (I'll definitely be home by then; the party is at like 4:30 and I really doubt it'll go past or even til 7, but I want to make sure I'm in the clear.)
    Hi! Sorry, I haven't been around all weekend and didn't have time this morning so I couldn't reply to the first message. I want to say 7 PM tonight should work, but I have a party with my students after school and it couuuuuuld run til then so I wouldn't be home til closer to 8. If that works for you I could do it, or I could do 7 PM any other day this week!
    Cool! Yeah that'd be totally fine!! I have tomorrow (my Mon) off so I'll be around all day, and I can do my usual weekday times throughout the rest of the week (so 7 PM will work any of the nights, but anything earlier will have to be the weekend). Whatever works for you guys!
    Cool thanks! That's my bad tho, he didn't seem too interested in other stuff and I didn't wanna be pushy. I actually want a lot more but y'know. @w@ So no stress if there's nothing else!
    I think so! I had Wallace's Milotic jotted down in the trade but I realized there's 7 in the set and I forgot to offer something extra. I'd like to trade for it too if it's not too much trouble, but we can negotiate it another time! c:
    Hi hi! Sounds good! I also have the Pokemon cloned and ready for you two! (Do you know if he wanted them cloned and sent back? I can't remember. @@) Today at 7 PM should work fine! If something comes up I'll message you on here before then, otherwise I'll drop you a message at that time! c:
    I know it seems like i'm always finding problems with your submissions, but I do like the submissions :)
    Haha! I was surprised (IDK why) at the Chari X!

    Also, that's the second Chari X I've seen today with T-Punch. Clearly need to amend my own set! o_O

    Haha, Torkoal mirror was funnnn xD
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