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  • Nice, I can't believe the SPC is still up and running. Wow, it's been ages. Friend Safari's in X and Y. I've been going through school stuff, along with playing games. I've got a bit of a Rune Factory/Harvest Moon addiction now in addition to Visual Novels.
    Hey, I know, right? I just came back today to try to get friend safari's, I hadn't been active in ages either. How have you been?
    Well I am graduating this thursday I'm really looking forward to it. How do you like living somewhere with less sun? :p I bet its different then where you used to live that's for sure.
    yeah I was like oh noes when I saw the club was gone I felt personally responsible lol. Even though it wasn't my fault. Anyways how has life been? Right now I'm looking forward to graduation and all the senior activities before that happens.
    hey sorry I disappeared forever life kinda caught up to me and I didn't really have the time to dedicate to the forums as much anymore. I still checked the site but ya know, stuff happens. I play the games but the dedication for spritting and clubs left me.
    Yeah. Close to America or not, Canada's amazing. And hey, even if I don't pass the citizenship test, my Canadian boyfriend said he'd marry me if that's what it took. Haha.

    Oh, speaking of that, good news. It might snow here tonight...*holds back a girly squeal*
    Well, I hope to move to Canada for college if I can, but...Still on the same continent. Hmph.

    It helps when you duct tape a plastic box to your sled and make the snowballs ahead of time. That's all I'll say about that.
    I might be doing that myself if at all possible, but shame it'll still be on the same continent. Heh.

    Oh, I know. A lot of problems come with snow as well, but good outweights it so much. Snowball fights and sledding are amazing. Even more amazing when combined. Oh yes.
    Well, I'm moving to the other side of the country for college. At least that's MY plan.

    So it's gonna be super hard on me, but worth it. I'll finally be out of the south and get some snow. :p
    Okay, okay, fine. We're both the one liners. Hmph.

    Really? This year? Heh, that's cool. Going to university/college?
    I never talk? Well, sorry. I don't start conversations and I was just kinda busy at that moment. That's all. Heh. Your one liners don't help, mister. *sticks tongue out*

    Yeah, everyone's been busy lately. With the new semester, Spring coming up, etc. I'm certainly no exception.
    please make new topics in the may/ haruka forum, because I don't see anypost in this week.I can't post new topic because i can't Double Posting. So please invite member to May/ haruka forum.i very sad where haven't one post new topic for me reply.
    LUCKY. You start your vacation only one day earlier than me. XD

    I've been doing fine, spending more time on Sppf than usual, haha. Sorry about the MSN thing, but I haven't gotten to a computer in ages. OTL

    Other than that, I've been good. 8D
    Lol, it's fine. Well, Ash just left Gliscor to some dude for training, and we don't know if it will return. These two episodes coming up are based on a Gible Ash is trying to help learn Draco Meter. Now, they are spending two episodes on this, the second one is released on Christmas Eve. The writers normally give out their own personal presents around this time. I.E. Jessie's first ribbon, Gliscor's first Gym win and battle period, and here, will most likely be Ash's first dragon type Gible. There was a scan released showing all of the main pokemon, with Gible in place of Gliscor in toy figures for Japan, along with some legendaries. Also, it's about 99.9% confirmed. Since the second Gible episode says Gible Got it, and Barry battling with his Empoleon against it. It's really exciting, yet a bit annoying, since Gliscor had to leave and everyone won't shut up about it. lol
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