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  • haha yeah I know I was about to message you when I got a chance XD. I am good how about you? Going to a party later. Its only for 4 hours though.
    no actually its only half the stuff from the first year. Despite being almost 16 I am a freshmen since I started school later. And yeah it is lucky I couldn't remember everything from several years ago.
    haha yeah luckily we have them during a short timeframe. 85 minutes for each subject. Covering everything from the 2nd half of the year only lol.
    aww thats too bad you had trouble with clarinet. My exams are the 16th-18th. Its gonna be awesome. But those guys aren't that bad. They were last year but this year I kind of got used to um. Hope your other exams go well and ttyl I need to do a couple chores now.
    Lol well I also play the clarinet and I played the piano for like 2 months last year but it was too much to handle with the trumpet at the time. Yeah don't get involved in 3 extra music groups. But the trumpet section is insane. I am the only girl in concert band and there are 6 guys. You can guess how many times I have to go through the whole oh you like so and so. It used to be on a daily basis XD. Oh well it was annoying at first but I got used to it. Marching band... thats another story. Lets just say my section leader and another friend of his in the section erm... took a stuffed monkey destroyed it. Then there were life scaring stories from there past. And a sectional where my 2 section leaders were climbing back to back on a wall. Lol but its still a ton of fun. And I am glad you feel better and hope you did well on your exam.
    haha I go to a mixed school. If it wasn't the trumpet section would be VERY different. Heck it might have been normal then XD. My parents got real strict after they found out I was talking to this guy on IM from here and were like you can't talk to anyone we don't know off the site anymore. But i do wish you luck on the exam. I know what its like to take a test after you sick.
    oh yeah lol well my parents have forbidden me to add forum members to my friend list on IM and such. But yeah luckily they opened up willl need to check my other clubs now though.
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