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Yo Shee
Last Activity:
Jan 4, 2016
Feb 18, 2007
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Yo Shee


Yo Shee was last seen:
Jan 4, 2016
    1. M4zz
      Well look who came back.
    2. floatzel98
      yeah i'm doing good. Just back at school. all that stuff.
    3. floatzel98
      hey man, how you been.
    4. sour candy
      sour candy
      Hey! It's been forever! Just thought I'd say hi!
    5. foxyman1167
      Yeah, as the name suggests, it's a crossover, and of what I know about Nobunaga's Ambition on Wikipedia, it takes place in Ancient Japan, and has to do with conquering territory, to face Nobunaga, assumedly some kind of shogun or emperor.
    6. foxyman1167
      Wow you must be out of the loop. I felt the same way when I came back here, especially with the anime, but I never much cared for that anyway.

      You picked the perfect time though, Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition's was announced. Quite frankly, a bit ridiculous in my opinion.
    7. foxyman1167
      It's been a while, how's life? I also took a bit of a hiatus myself, about a year or so. I only came back to get a Battle Subway RMT rated, and have stuck around since.
    8. foxyman1167
      Well look at that, you came back for a visit
    9. TyranitarFan
      no way! i missed your bday. well... happy super late bday lol
    10. Profesco
      Hey Yo Shee, happy birthday. =P
    11. M4zz
      Good. Senior high's been a bit of a *****, but life's been good.
    12. M4zz
      It's been a while. How have you been?
    13. TyranitarFan
      hey how has college been? he havent talked in so long!
    14. azeem40
      Last I logged in before today was in October 2009.
    15. azeem40
      Alright, I don't log in much either.
    16. azeem40
      Hey, it's been a very long time since we've talked. How have you been?
    17. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      That makes sense, I suppose. Hope it's working out all right for you!

      Yeah; it's screwing with a lot of people's schedules and what classes they're taking. It's called the Class Size Amendment, I think. Yeah, I'll let you know in case I've got plans for that! :D

      By the way, happy almost-new-years/happy new year's eve!
    18. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      That sounds interesting; do you have any kind of what business you'd be working with?

      Actually, I'm not quite there yet; I've still got some time to go. I don't know what I want my major to be, and I have no idea where I want to go. I haven't been able to try as many things as I'd like, because of the new Florida Education Law. I keep getting put into Physical Education classes due to other classes having at least 25 kids, making them "filled up".
    19. TyranitarFan
      well then i guess youre invited to my new club
    20. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Thanks! Everything's going fine here. How's school working out for you?
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