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Yo Shee
Last Activity:
Jan 4, 2016
Feb 18, 2007
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Yo Shee


Yo Shee was last seen:
Jan 4, 2016
    1. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Haven't talked to you in a while, but Merry Christmas anyway!
    2. TyranitarFan
      hey have you ever played a musical instrument before?
    3. TyranitarFan
      holy ****!!! have you seen the isshu pogeys!!!???
    4. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Did you just drink water or something while you drove? That's what my brother did while he was taking a long car trip around California once, I think, without eating anything at all. Yeah, I'm not much of a big trip-taker either. Being in a plane is nicer than a car imo, but I just like to stay around home. Virginia isn't too terribly far from Florida, so that'd be do-able for you to go up there every now and then. Ha, tell me about it--when my family moved to Boston from Tennessee, we had to wear coats during the summer because we'd become so unaccustomed to the cold!
    5. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Woah, wouldn't that be about a two-day trip though? Though I guess it depends on what speed you're going. When I went with my family from Illinois to Florida, it took two days, though we made tons of stops along the way. I personally would rather stay away from Florida in the summertime, as it's often so hot out that most people would rather just stay inside. But to each his own, and I know you prefer hot weather over cold. Thanks, it's really good to hear from you too!
    6. BynineB
      I wouldn't know. But it's awesome.

      My record with DK in Cruel Melee is 3, beat that.
    7. foxyman1167
      Yeah, but they cost BP, and added some **** new ones, like String Shot... Alright, with the exception of Move tutors that HG/SS have, Platinum has everything Pearl has and more.
    8. foxyman1167
      -The extended Sinnoh Dex.
      -Flint, Volkner, and Candice having a full team of their type. (I know Aaron has a Drapion, but it evolves from a Bug type)
      -Fantina being moved up to 3rd.
      -Battle Frontier
      -Stronger second round E4
      -Better storyline in terms of Cyrus.
      -New Rotom formes
      -Faster Surf
      -Faster battles
      -Move tutors
      -WiFi Plaza
      -The better Poketch with two buttons
      -Including 3 useful apps in Platinum that were only released in Jap. Events for DP
      -Having all three box legendaries

      Granted that Platinum doesn't connect to Ranch, but thats not huge.
    9. foxyman1167
      I could go all day with how much better Platinum is than Pearl, but thank you for the shinies, and you're welcome.
    10. foxyman1167
      By the way, why give Platinum away when its the superior game to Pearl?
    11. foxyman1167
      I'm kinda surprised the shiny Slowpoke isn't a Slowbro yet, its your trademark after all.
    12. foxyman1167
      Sure, why not. If you don't want them, I'll take it.
    13. foxyman1167
      Is it just the Darkrai and Deoxys?

      If you need to trade more, I need to get more useless pokemon...
    14. foxyman1167
      Oh, I thought you were looking for someone you could trust for a trade back, because I'm guessing you have one DS.

      If you really don't want them, I'll take them. If not, I'll trade them back to you. If you do have a Choice Band I could keep, that would be nice.
    15. foxyman1167
      Alright sure, my Platinum FC is 4254-2278-2736. Whats yours?

      You're probably going to want them back afterwards right?
    16. foxyman1167
      Why, whats happening that you're giving them away?
    17. foxyman1167
      I've been good, struggling to avoid BW news, but good none-the-less.
    18. BynineB
      Hey, Yoshee!

      Not much is new here. School is going to start fairly soon.

      Playing Melee again and it is funsauce.

      How 'bout you?
    19. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Nicccce ;)

      Haha, yeah, I can sometimes feel the same way. Being on breaks can just be so boring, and being back at school is where you're with your friends and you've got activities to do. I already have a band camp, so I'm seeing a lot of people. I hope you'll be able to find something to do in those two weeks.
    20. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Hey man! Yeah, it has been a while. I'd left SPPF for a bit, then came back to get help on my game, and now I'm here for I don't know how long.

      Not that bad, though I'm pretty worn-out from band camp. Marching and playing at the same time is not easy for me.

      So how's it going with you? Did you get through a year of college already?
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