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Yo Shee
Last Activity:
Jan 4, 2016
Feb 18, 2007
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Yo Shee


Yo Shee was last seen:
Jan 4, 2016
    1. Hive Mind
      Hive Mind
      Look at my profile, please, just do it. Instructions are enclosed there. This tape will explode simultaneously when (and if) Asia does.
    2. Firemonkey1
      I'm ok with that YS. :)
    3. Firemonkey1
      I'm ah finished with school until August! I'm ah gonna miss 4th grade. :( Will you ah be my friend. I'm trying to sound like Mario just for you (and can I call you YS for short?). And will you join the Torchic lovers group?
    4. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      I've got French to look forward to tomorrow, and I just discovered today that I completely forgot half (no...more than half) of what I've learned. Need to study...But I can't concentrate...
      *staying tuned*
    5. legendarypokemonjunkie17
      Things are pretty boring. I'll be done with school next month and then I'll be on all summer!

      So, how's it with you?
    6. Pseudo-Unlegendary
      Wow, you must really like gligar. However, what is your thoughts on Gliscor?
    7. Akashdip
      give me a PM to
    8. Shine
      I actually wonder how people can like Abomasnow with its 4x fire weakness......the only good thing in it is its Snow Warning ability.....which is only useful in a Hail team anyway, which is not really common.
    9. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Uh....I have no clue. Maybe a lot of people really do like Abomasnow then.
    10. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Oh yeah, forgot about that thingy...the reason so many people have Abomasnow up there is because they haven't picked their fave Poke yet, and Abomasnow is the first on the list.
    11. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Just tempted, eh? But yeah, you ish right.
    12. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      I was close. But you'll NEVER guess mine >=3
    13. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      So I'm going to state the obvious and say that you like Gligar and Slowbro alot? =3
    14. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      XD Yes, you are awesome now. Does that mean I'm awesome too? =P
    15. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Since you were kind enough to visit my page, thought I'd drop a comment. =3 So hiya!
      And about your avatar and signature, I have that problem sometimes too.
    16. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      Hm... dang it... whenever I have my Slowbro avatar and signature, I miss the Gligars, and when I have the Gligars, I miss the Slowbros... What am I to do?
    17. legendarypokemonjunkie17
    18. Aviano
      Well, since you gave me one, I guess I'll be your first visitor who leaves a message... so uhm... enjoy.
    19. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      Yes, I get to be my first visitor message! Oh wait a minute, that's kinda sad... Well, at least I can brag about it.
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    Claimed Pokemon: Slowbro ;080;
    Paired with: SuppYo ;001;