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  • Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this. Turns out that I CAN trade the Shaymin, if you are still interested. If not I understand due to my sudden... changing it on you.
    I actually might not be able to trade it now. If the circumstances prohibit me from trading with you, I am sorry. I'll know by Saturday.
    Are we still going to trade?

    I'll understand if you don't want to, but please, just tell me either way.
    I am in the midst of an intense Thunderstorm. When it is over. Too bad I don't know when that is.
    Level 100 Shiny Victreebell (Legitimacy uncertain), Level 100 Smeargle (with Metronome, Heart Swap, and, Transform), Level 100 Shiny Shaymin (Legit, says hack-check thread), Level 36 SMR2010 Jirachi (Still has Draco Meteor), and lots more legends and Dreamworld Pokemon.

    By the way, I should tell you about the Pokemon I already listed. The Shiny Arbok is level 42, the Golurk is UT, the Sandslash is level 100 and came from Orre, and Milotic is level 100 and has a litany of Ribbons.

    I am also willing to give you multiple for it. However, the shiny Sandslash, Milotic, and Shaymin are exempt from this.
    You don't by chance still have a YOTD Druddigon, do you? I would figuratively kill someone for one.

    You want shinies? I can offer a shiny Arbok, Sandslash, Milotic, event Golurk (you know, the shiny one from the last movie), or bunches of other things.

    But if none of this appeals to you, don't feel bad about declining my offer.
    sorry for getting back to you so late. have been studing for my major exams, if you are still interested in trading with me, i would like to trade for your year of the dragon drudigon
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