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    Hey, Yonowaru in Chaos, I was wondering if you would still like to do Pokedex translations when Pokemon Black and White come out. I might have another translated, but I figured that I may divide the "workload". Besides, it would be interesting to see what two different people come up with. That is, if your willing to do so. I hope I'm not getting under your skin or anything.
    Hey yono just checking that you're still alive after yesterdays serebiiblog haha. DW bro, we all go through patches of apathy/pointlessness. That said, if you wan to talk to someone about it feel free to PM me. :)

    There. I said it.

    I am not a satisfied person, and I highly doubt that I will be. I would wasted away my life through social insecurities and paranoia and after that, no one will remember me. Pity perhaps, or indifference. I don't want that, but that is what lies ahead. I don't know how to take myself off that path. In that sense, perhaps I am in despair. Despair of a muted, suppressed kind. I would be happy, of course, but not of myself. Anything could make me happy, but none of that has to do with me. I'm destined to lose the pursuit of happiness, and I'm not complaining. I'll complain about myself, likely, but not of anything else. I've got no one else to blame if I end up as a greenhouse gas emission and nothing more.


    (I've come to ask questions about the conception of this aimless message. I don't really know, and I most certainly don't care.)

    8:12 pm AEST
    This is a ramble that I thought was suitable at the time (7:50 pm AEST).


    I have many things to say. Things that, when said, do little else but to show some unfortunate reader what it might be like to be the writer of this wthisthis (a reflection, I suppose; the word seemed appropriate at the time of conception). There may be consequences. I don't care. I don't care that this should probably be in a blog or something. As I said, this felt suitable at the time. I don't care that this might appear as a wall of unreadable text, because right now, I can only see four lines. I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.

    I really don't care about a lot of things anymore (there, a paragraph). I don't have any hope, even though I am not in despair. Perhaps a lot of people feel the way I feel, but they probably dismiss it as something temporary or not worth expressing. Like I'm doing right now. Heh. There are things I'd rather be doing, sure, like taking a shower, but not until I'm satisfied with how this turns out. I'll probably trash it in the end and drown myself in the shower (good luck). I will not be optimistic, because in the end, I'll just end up like a piece of trash among a world of six billion, like trillions before my time. I am not ambitious enough to become immortal, in the metaphorical sense of the word, yet that is the very thing I yearn for - out of fear, if anything. Perhaps I will become 'immortal', but I highly doubt it. Maybe this is greed. Maybe I have better things to achieve. Maybe I'm just a selfish ****wit. I don't care. I don't even know if immortality is the thing I'm looking for. Maybe it's some SATISFACTION.
    :O You write Fan Fiction? WOW! I always wanted to write something, but I have "vanishing ideas syndrome" - I start and can't finish.
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