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Yonowaru in Chaos
Last Activity:
Nov 15, 2013
Dec 13, 2007
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January 13

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Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit

Yonowaru in Chaos was last seen:
Nov 15, 2013
    1. Umbreon-dana
      I particularly love the long pause.

      It would've been so much better if there was a 'said Dumblehore' (yes, I'm parodying something, her bad spelling in this case) before the long pause.
    2. Auraninja
      Hey Yonowaru in Chaos, it's been a while hasn't it.

      Say, I wanted to show you a site.

      Here it is.

      Now, near the middle of the page, there appears to be a chart of Pokemon you get in in-game trades. You should find the word Volty if you have trouble finding it. Anyway, I suspect that the natures are listed there. All I want for now is the natures of each Pokemon you get from the in-game trades.

      Is this reasonable?
    3. Umbreon-dana
      Oh god, I feel for you. I read it just now. It was so awful, except for Samuel L. Dumbledore. That was awesome.
    4. Umbreon-dana
    5. Auraninja
      Hey Yonowaru in Chaos, could I force you persuade you to do a couple or so Pokedex entries?

      Oh, and how are you doing?
    6. Umbreon-dana
      Oh yes, forgot about those two. It would help.

      Very clever.

      Nah, most of it is LEGAL, just the stuff on the Internet is ILLEGAL.
    7. Umbreon-dana
      Ah, I see. So the combination of Ice and Ground is what did it, not the Pokemon?

      Oh, I see now.

      We might, since we can support anime and whatnot.
    8. Umbreon-dana
      I'm surprised. Genuinely surprised. :O

      Me no follow. .-.

      Mayhaps. Stupid USA not importing things...
    9. Umbreon-dana
      That's quite odd. Usually they don't make a great combo.

      That's impossible. If it was undiscovered, it wouldn't be in the thread, and if it was in the thread, it wouldn't be undisovered!

      Not in the Americas, though. DX
    10. Auraninja
      Would you happen by any chance have or trying to get the Japanese Pokemon HGSS copy, or are you going to get a regional copy? Or I guess you don't have to get either.
    11. Umbreon-dana
      Yep, I'd say.

      Well, if it's hilarious, it's either undiscovered, or it's in that thread.

      I don't have one of those, do you know any good retailers?
    12. Atoyont
      Must be confusing you with otaku-dono then, sorry.
      Australia, isn't it?
    13. Umbreon-dana
      I see, so it leveled up accidentally quite often?

      I remember that pic from The laugh you lose thread at TCoD, it's awesome.

      We see.
    14. Umbreon-dana
      Lucky Egg, Day Care?

      BOKU WA KIRA DESU. Shall we play cheniss?

      I see.
    15. Umbreon-dana
      Ingame. :| I used it ingame on Platinum and found that it sucked. Yawn was impaired by Sand Stream, so that means it wasn't that useful there. It didn't get a STAB move until Level forty, either. So it wasn't worth using anywhere but the eight gym.

      Quite so, and I'm sorry, but I had a memory failure and spaced that iie means no. Mainly because I'm used to seeing it in all lower case.

      I see.
    16. Umbreon-dana
      Not by level, though! Now they're not totally useless ingame! 8D If only they did that for Platinum...

      Huh? I don't quite follow, what does "IIE" mean?

      Oh, I thought you meant a new chapter. Do your updates include changes to the storyline (even in the form of added character development, or small changes in foreshadowing), or just a minor change to wording/writing style to make it flow better?
    17. Auraninja
      Hey, would you like to be friends, just for the heck of it?
    18. Auraninja
      Thanks for your translations. According to your translations and that site (assuming that the site is reputable) they switched the Pokedex entries. Heart Gold would get Silver entries and Soul Silver would get Gold entries. Again, that is if the site is reputable.

      Anyway, you know those in-game trades in HGSS. Would you happen to know (or know a site that knows) what natures the Pokemon you get are and possibly their personalities. This is only if you want to.
    19. Umbreon-dana
      I think so, yeah. Also, the Hippos got Dig as a level up move. Yay?

      Ja, ja, that is true. (Don't ask why I'm using "Ja" instead of "Yes" here, I just had a sudden urge to use it. >.>)

      Hoora- Wait, you mean the tree one, right?
    20. Umbreon-dana
      Quite. Oh, and I forgot to mention Heal Bell Uxie, Vaporeon, and Umbreon.

      Platinum Move Tutor.
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