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Yonowaru in Chaos
Last Activity:
Nov 15, 2013
Dec 13, 2007
Likes Received:
January 13

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Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit

Yonowaru in Chaos was last seen:
Nov 15, 2013
    1. Umbreon-dana
      ...Scizor @ Bullet Punch, ubanning of Latias, HGSS new moves (Nasty Plot Mismagius, Brave Bird Honchkrow, Belly Drum Ursaring, Aqua Jet Feraligatr, Aromatherapy Clefable, etc.)
    2. Auraninja
      Hey, you may not recognize me, but Atoyont spoke of you when I ask him if he knew anybody who can roughly translate Japanese. If you are willing to, could you translate for me a few lines of text for me that are in Japanese. If you choose to agree, I will send you a PM regarding the details.
    3. Umbreon-dana
      We could always return to it, with all of the new stuff, and the old random Pokemon discussions and stuff. That way we can revive it to it's former glory!
    4. Umbreon-dana
      No, they aren't. It's dying now. It's dying a horrible death without you, me, and otaku. DX
    5. Umbreon-dana
      Yono, I think it's time we revive the old competitive battling thread. =<
    6. legendarypokemonjunkie17
      Hey, I hope you remember me. Anyway, I finally, after a hiatus that I have no reason for, have posted Chapter 1 of "The Clash of the Goliaths". Click on the banner in my signature, and it'll take you right to the thread.
    7. Sapphiredragon929
      tribble tribble tribble tribble tribble tribble

      hi how are you?
    8. Synthetic
      Triffids! :D Me like evil people eating plants.
    9. palingensia
      I prefer any tea without milk. But yeah, oolong, green, white and rooibos in particular. >_< Pu-erh wouldn't go well with milk either.

      No, I'm a student. <8D
    10. palingensia
      The ratio of tea to milk is 1:0. :|

      Well the government gives me money for nothing, so that's a start.
    11. palingensia
      Good white tea is amazing, I'm not surprised you didn't like it.

      It does though. D:
    12. palingensia
      Sounds a lot more specified than mine. And it's a shame you don't like white tea, I find it quite fantastic. >:

      I have no idea. :| And it's computer science.
    13. palingensia
      I enjoy tea and chocolate, it's amazing. But I might have to that. What sort of tea do you drink?

      I'm doing only two courses, and hardly go to Japanese. =/
    14. palingensia
      I've had my phase, even though I've only actually got drunk twice with about a three month gap between them. :| I prefer to drink tea.

      Yeah of course, what else do people do when they have free time? =/
    15. rukario590720
      hey there. i see ur a final fantasy fan (befriends you)
    16. palingensia
      But I don't want to get drunk. >:

      How hopeless did you think I was? >_>
    17. palingensia
      I haven't actually tried blue cheese before. Maybe that's something wild to consider doing instead of getting drunk like normal people. =/

      Well, to me. I lack effort but not time. <8D
    18. palingensia
      Unless it's cheese, you've got me there. =P

      But effort is the most precious of all currencies, and I'm a tightass when it comes to spending it. >:
    19. palingensia
      How can food not be great?

      I've been good, uni is good but I can't be bothered with it. =/ Japanese is turning to fail. D:
    20. Umbreon-dana

      You do raise a point there. XD

      Also, woot, now obsessed with the anime K-ON!.
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