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  • Ah I wouldn't know, never been abroad :D Obviously I think it's cold, goes to about 10C if it's very very cold indeed. Like now.

    Anyway I really gotta study(on my birthday. Yeah) so bye.
    Edit: Interested in cricket?* presses submit and then log out*
    Thanks :D Pity I have History & Life Science Exams tomorrow, IDIOTIC exam schedulers -.-
    Also, weren't you part of CRMT once?
    Might as well say hello to you. How has it been going? Did you get a copy of HGSS yet?
    Wrinkles ahoy! :DDD

    Well then, that should prevent any unnecessary deaths over the holidays. Although on the otherhand, wouldn't it speed up the zombie. ACK - THEY'RE ON A HIGH, RUN BIATCH RUUUUN!
    I'm afraid so. We're all one year older, one year wiser, one year closer to dying. :D

    Although I think you've managed to thwart it, being the undead and all.

    Hmm... would caffiene help a zombie?
    I put "Out of sight, out of mind" with and without a period and it translated it differently.

    Yonowaru in Chaos, remember that site I showed you to translate.

    Well, apparently, according to yaminokame, the Gold entries are in HG and the Silver entries are in SS. If that is correct, then they have reversed the entries. Do you have any idea on how they could have screwed that up?
    K so I used both

    Google did a worse job at romanizing things, although they both improperly translated "Star Trip" as "Start Lip".
    Okay, two more things.

    I keep seeing カタマリ in the phrases and Babelfish keeps doing it literally as "Kata Mali". It's got to mean something else though.

    And, if you could do me a favor, translate this as much as possible. I can get some of it through Babelfish, but...

    It might be better for PMs.
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