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  • Pretty sure Alex disabled his VM's again, lol.

    Also, social groups were deleted, there's a thread in announcements.
    I already replied with that, lol. x)

    Eh, makes sense I guess. I suppose I'm decent at all of them, but nothing really too outstanding. :x
    Lol, I tend to go pretty easily.

    I do five. I play tennis, hockey, football, cricket and I run. Bear in mind that I'm using the English definitions for all of them.
    I didn't exactly do that. Basically, I sent a load of texts to someone telling them of my undying love for them and then I proposed again by text. This was to my hockey coach. And I was aware the whole time that he is a guy.
    I guess so. Medicine is obviously like, one of the best things you can get into tho.

    Among other, more embarrassing things.

    Yea I can imagine it being a lot of fun. I think it's just the first sport I've seen like that. Seems almost a lower basketball in some ways, idek.

    I don't think I want to take the risk.
    Ah right, so it's a backup choice? That's probably a good idea.

    I've thought worse when drunk.

    Oh right. That looks like a pretty fun sport, although it's perhaps one of the simplest I've seen too. Not that that's a bad thing really.

    Lol thanks. Whether or not they conflict with other meds which could produce overall worse results.
    Oh yeaman Medicine is always gonna be a risky one. Definitely have a backup there. Although I still don't see how economy can help you with the sciences, lol, but then what do I know? I'm an artist. x)

    Oh nice man. I wanna see you on SPPf drunk ok.

    What actually is handball? I've heard of it but never seen it played here in England.

    Yeah. Idk how close you've been looking at that but I also mentioned something that's coming up soon which is gonna suck. I'd say go have a look but really I don't care if I post it publicly so I might as well as just tell you now that I have some pretty major heart surgery coming up on the 7th July which I may or may not be able to have painkillers for in the recovery, which will be hellish. I'm 16.

    Ohhh that sounds like hard work lol. What do you need economy for?

    Oh nice! Happy belated birthday! What are you doing to celebrate?

    Sporting? I didn't even know you did any sport lol. Which ones?

    Eh, I could be worse I suppose.
    Cut the sarcasm and look at how many of my other VMs I replied to. Not many. I've been busy so just wait until I get round to it.
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