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Recent content by Yoru Ryu

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    Best and Worst Rival

    Best rival was Blue. He was a rear end, had a history with the player and actaully made it as a trainer, first as the short-lived Champion then as an actual Gym Leader. And he had a catchphrase 8D Worst one was probably Barry. He's too buddy-buddy with you. I could say the same about...
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Having a fish Pokemon following you isn't really such a big problem imo. I mean, you can send out a Seaking to battle when you're in the middle of a desert without any trouble or justifications. I guess this is just a bigger deal becase you can actually see the Pokemon struggling behind you, ehh.
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    Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

    At first i was just going to import the NA version, but after following all the news so closely i don't think i could wait even a few extra months for that. So i think i'll get a Jap version too, even if it does ruin the experience a little by playing in a language you can't understand.
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    Ooh, i bet they wuss out and have that guy have his own Pokemon to take the blow. He's a Rocket so he'd probably have a Golbat. But really, Lance ordering a Hyper Beam on a person, he must really dislike the Rockets XD
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    "flop flop flop" Giratina doesn't look so mighty now! Maybe a Magikarp would look similar to their overworld sprites in DPP where they pathetcially flop about XD And i bet an Ekans would look pretty nice if it slithered after you. Augh, now there's quite a few Pokemon i wanna see following.
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    Team Rocket Discussion

    Explains how Lance was able to blend in so well in the Lake of Rage episodes ;] But nah, i like it. It's... pink hair, man! Only real men have pink hair.
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    I bet something like a Bronzong would have to levitate, otherwise it'd be all "CLONG CLONG CLONG" as it hopped along, haha. Although i doubt Game Freak would worry about such minor things.
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Dragonite or Togekisssss. I wonder if the Pokemon will have different little animations of if they'll all just hop up and down. If Voltorb/Electrode roll along behind you i'd totally have them on my team just to watch them XD
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    HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed

    I imported and have never looked into these machines that replaced the slots in European Platinum. Does it limit you to how many coins you can find in a day or something? Did they lower the required price for prizes? I quite enjoy the Game Corner and spend a lot of time in there to listen to...
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I don't get why people are complaining about her hat. It's awesome =[ I have one almost exactly the same and it's so cute and poofy and cute. It's the overalls that get me. Honestly tho, it won't really make that much difference to play as New Girl since she will only be a teensy little bunch...
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I like Gold's new design. He looks a lot sleeker. I dunno, but for some reason he looked a bit awkward in GS. The one thing i think both characters are missing is a lack of yellow. It's not a big deal but it feels kinda weird to have them almost all red (and in the girl's case also blue). But...
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I wish they'd kept Crystal so i'm going to play as the girl and call her "CRYSTAL" just so i can pretend they're the same characters XD Usually i play as the male through my first playthrough then the female in the second. If only this new girl had blue hair she could have been a heavily...
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    Do You Think There Will Be References?

    Personally i'm hoping for some sort of reference about Agatha/Bertha. Surely whoever designs these characters can't just leave something so glaringly obvious as their relationship without at least a single comment. I was hoping in Platinum Bertha would mention "my older sister is an Elite Four...
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    If you had to join one evil team, which one would you pick?

    I'd join Team Rocket. So my boss wouldn't be batsh*t insane. And who needs to mess with the environment/universe when you could get MONEY :D
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    PokeGear Speculation Thread

    I'd like to see the retrun of the FR/LG Fame Checker. Or something very similar on the PokeGear. NPC chatter and information is always both interesting and hilarious! "Did you know Bill can't stomach milk." Seriously XD And you'd get info on a lot more characters in HGSS.