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  • well thankyou! im lily, you can either call me that or flower what ever u wish ( flower is a nick~ name my friends gave me) lol
    One more thing. Are you Sonic Boom's brother? He's actually like you, you know.

    I watched his Sonic's skill. Now, he's based on the low-mid level. He is also same Atoyont or Icosahedron.

    I check sum of people from here who have Brawl and mains. So I don't see sign of a missing character....
    Don't worry about spamming. You are good w/Pikachu. I did nothing better w/Pikachu. It's my new main lol.

    Yeah, it was fun, too. Snake could be KO by high damage like 200 or less, because of his cypher. I didn't dodge w/him so much lol
    Maybe I'm wrongly accusing you, but you are Yoshi on Brawl, right? Did you play a day or two ago against someone named "YoAto?" If so, that was me.

    If not, I'm sorry for bothering you, but a person named "Yoshi" Brawled me a day or two ago, and we did four Brawls. He canceled the ones I would have won.

    EDIT: Sorry man, I guess you're Sonic Boom's brother so it couldn't have been you. Somebody else named Yoshi was the poor sport apparently.
    The fact that you canceled the Brawls seemed to have to reason other then the fact that you would have lost.

    You do have a good Yoshi though.
    Did you remember we were in Red's brawl? I was keeping to watch you or him before expecting me to know what you or he did. I almost had a complaint. Suddenly, I was surprised. I thought you were same as Red because you guys went to in an air and did Stone and Final Cutter.

    Well, if you aren't sure about you didn't spam.
    Cuz of Pikachu's Skull bash, Thunder and Thunder Jolt. When you stand on the ledge and use Thunder Jolt as many times that which it's spamming. Also it has been not tricking to people. Why? Because if they would know what you do. These aren't predictable to expect other people.

    Well, am I wrong? If you don't know this.
    *hesitates* I suppose you are really same as redX125. I noticed you bashed redX125 all the times. Of course, you were kinda spamming as Pikachu. I think you need to avoid spamming. Hmmm.... I have a question for you. Are you a newbie to SSBB online?
    muhahahaaa...Even III didn't expect to pull that one off...BUT I DID! I really surprised myself too...I'm like holy cow!!!!! It was totally epic...ok I'm done now...

    P.S. I totally deserve a plaque!
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