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  • Okay, thanks. Thank you!

    I supported it from the first episode I saw, "Challenge of the Samurai" (the fourth episode, in which Ash's Metapod evolves into Ash's Butterfree).

    I hope so... I asked some people whether they'd be willing to particiapte, more people than expected said they'd take part. However, I'm afraid they won't finish in time: two people just aren't answering my messages, two of them might not finish a drawing in time.

    I am currently having a major inspiration burst, so I'll post my drawing on the deadline day. I have six possible ones now, from those, I already know what one is the best. However, if I draw a better one than that one, I can use that one instead.

    I'm gonna work on the seventh drawing of my inspiration burst now, bye!
    Okay. But have you fully read the contest rules? You can't just pick an old drawing of yours, it needs to be recent (otherwise it would be too easy, you need to make a contest entry artwork made for the contest).


    Okay, sorry. It annoyed me a bit, it felt like an unfair generalisation. Sorry for that. I understand. But I already supported PokeShipping when I saw the movie, so yeah...

    Do you like my idea of a PokeShipping art contest?
    Forums are bleh D:

    anyways, I just wanted to tell you I'm leaving sppf for good *nodnod* but we should so still keep in touch! do you have msn? if not, just email me at uzachan@hotmail.com I may get lazy, but whatever, at least we'll still be talking right? ^^
    I know, RIGHT? It was kinda, idk, subtle? XD; Like I had to read it over before I realized: ZOMG, THIS IS REAL, IT'S NOT HER HAVING SOME WIERD ILLUSION/DREAM SQUEEEEEEE!

    Yesyes, summer vaca baby! The one time of year I can oh-so-totally kick back and relax! Though it does get a bit too hot XD (I'm from the north, I adore the cold :[ ), I still oh-so-very much enjoy. Btw, up for any Summer time movies? They all sound super awesome, but I'm leaning towards Star Trek right now, idk why, I hate Sci-Fi with a passion~

    lol, np, it was the shortest, nicest thing I could think of writing ;D and thankies!

    Naruto in general is.... eh now. I'll be honest and say that the only Naruto I really liked was pre-Shippuden. (osnp, did I already tell you that?)
    Part 2~

    Hmm, yeah, I guess so. I'm not so in to Naruto as I used to be, but the shipping still brings me love XD Recent chapter? :OOOO recent chapter of the manga?! Did something else happen after she confessed????
    omg hey! We haven't talked since... forever! XD WB! WB! WB!

    aw, yeah, sppf sucks Dx and Naruto the manga or some fanfic of it? And not so much D: I just go on to read, but that's all. What about it made you think of me? :O the naruhina-ness? :DDDD?

    omg, that's awesome! That's an awesome score, and hey, if you did the well the first time, I bet you'll do way better the second! And yeah, cramming sucks :( I should know, I just went through hell (also known as finals) last week @___@;; Reminds me why school isn't my favorite place in the world. lol, I wish you the best of luck with your search ^___^

    Thank you, I just wish there were more participants :< But oh well, at least there were some votes/noms right? *silverliningsilverliningsilverlining* And of course people would remember you, your writing pwns!
    Hey =D
    Did you get my PM the other day? I tried to send all the judges in the contest a PM. Sppf server's have been weird.

    So how have things been?
    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! (Boy, what a mouthful that is!)

    No probs :D Let's just put it this way, I was actually ready for school. Not that I welcomed it, but I was actually ready. How often does that happen? :p

    lol, wth D: That's just not right. Legal or illegal, who kicks people out when it's cold outside? That's not even human D: Yeah @ serebii :<

    ahhhh XD Yeah, okay, I get that the manga can be given another chance. XD With Ranma, I just keep postponing it, I gotta read it some time. Remind me!
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