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Oct 30, 2007
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Wandering the Forums

    1. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      WB XD

      Yes, they do *nodnod* I hope you do well too :D *sends all her hope*
      O___O They made you go outside, forreal? Are they even allowed to do that? Aw, man, that totally sucks D:
      Serebii has been acting pretty weird lately :/

      wb :D I know how stressful ACTs can be ^^; I'd ask how your break went, but it sounds pretty, well, stressful. As for my break, I just, wow, I didn't even know it was possible to do it. But I did it. I fell in love with my break XD Madly, madly in love! That's how much I appreciated it <3 I loved New Years and I loved waking up in the morning knowing I had nothing to look forward to but, well, nothing :DDD I'm all refreshed and ready for school now. And yeah, I so needed the R&R~!

      Sadly not XD Tell me if it's any good, kay? :D idk if I'll ever get back to anime, but if/when I do, I'll try to pick up on one piece again since a lot of people seem to like it. I should try Ranma again XD

      Winter Break totally rocks~!
    2. Mel-Girl
      Part Two of message. Read below one first.

      Ah yes, and eventually, you'll find out before this year ends, who won the EM competition! Oh my, I sure took my time... XD;

      The funniest thing about Yu-Gi-Oh is 'Believe in the heart of the card'. I've believed in the heart of the card for a long time now and I haven't gotten much outta doing that, I think... XD

      Dang, I feel the need to look through all the applicants I've received so far for the EM competition again... XD
    3. Mel-Girl
      OMG it's okay, don't worry. I'm sooooooo sorry for taking ages with replying to ya! I'm a bad shipping twin. Sometime, I need to post my shipping list and we can be like, "Wow, shipping." and that would be fantabulous and I can't believe I just said and I plan to put a full stop on this sentence around about now. Phew! XD

      Wow, stresses in life. I've just been freed from all my homework for the year so all that's left is some cruisy jazz and then it's like, "Wow, finished for the year." I can't wait for the holidays! They're so close!

      But yeah, it's all understandable. School had been distracting me from fic writing, which I plan to continue but speaking of which, I've been nominated 3 times for best fic writer in the SPPF Member Awards thread in the Miscellaneous Section, which I thought I'd say. I don't care if I don't win but dang, being nominated in itself is amazing enough.
    4. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      omg, congratulations! *cheers* That's so such awesome news :D and aww, ACTs really suck - take it from the person who took it twice D: My first score was fine, but I took it again to get a higher score. I think the more prepared you are for it - the better. If you want my advice, just take plenty of practice tests. Study if you want, but I think taking the tests are just much better for you. I found myself more relaxed the second time.

      No probs :D Yes, that is kinda sad XD I haven't been watching any anime lately, so you're better than me. Since I've become uninterested and all. Ranma, yes, liked. One Piece, yes, didn't like. But I blame the retarded dubbing for that. Ever since then, I just haven't been able to see that manga/anime the same D: Ranma is funny and cute at the same time but I've only read random volumes here and there, I don't really know or understand it yet. I should get to reading that soon XD

      Just two more weeks... just two more weeks...!
    5. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Okay, please tell me that tomorrow the night will go on for a few years so I can take a break from school and stress and just life in general @____@!!! I'm so totally stressed right now D:

      My sister really got in to the manga iirc but I never read it. :DDD! Yes, go Fruits Basket! I can give you an FMA site:- Onemanga.com And yeah, except now the only anime/manga thing I read/watch is FMA since it's not done but if it was, I think I would be reading/watching anything since lately I've become very uninterested in anime for some reason. :/

      It is! It is! Gahhh, why can't it be winter break already????? D:
    6. CutexDiamond
      Vote at Pokemon Girl Lovers Fan Club.
    7. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Yeah, I suck at replying :P

      lol, that's when you know that the person either can't write or just doesn't like Ash but likes the shipping

      I tried reading it and then I let it go. I can't remember why but I remember loving the anime when it used to come on Toonami! Fruits Basket is teh awesomeness and since the FMA manga was really good, they're making an anime out of it, except this time they're going to follow the manga perfectly. Mm, I should re-watch Love Com, I lovedlovedloved it when I saw it for the first time last year. I think I'm about the opposite I watch more than I read. Not that I don't love reading, it's just that sometimes the anime is better. Er, rarely, but still, it happens lol

      I should probably start tracking that down, it sounds really interesting! Anne of Green Gables is just total love <3

      Tests suck :I And papers >:I And homework }:I And basically anything school like D:{
    8. Melody93
      Happy Halloween^_^ Dress up it's fun!
    9. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata

      Major major blehhh. And to me, pokeshipping makes sense whereas narusaku just... doesn't.

      lol, I hate OOC Ash. I can point out several pokemon fanfics that could have been reeeaallly good if Ash hadn't been such a romantic or jerk or whatever they had him be.

      Oh wow, believe me when i say this. MANGA. IS. BETTER. And if you didn't like that, you'll probably hate the anime.

      Oh, I used to love Rurouni kenshin anime! Fruits Basket is like the best manga out there <333 FMA is better as a manga :D Kodocha was a cute kids manga and I love Love Com anime, I never got around to reading it though. I remember Detective Conan! Ohh, awesome show. Haven't heard of R.O.D though :O

      I did! Thanks for asking! Aaand, I replied in just two days! Go me! lol!
    10. Mel-Girl

      Oh damn, I forgot to message you back a while ago. I'm a bad, bad Mel! ;.;

      And I knw that list! =D I should plonk into favourites or something... XD

      LOL popular fandoms come with annoying people. XD

      Parody/comedy fics own. I still love Shinozakatsu as a name. XDDD

      OMG back when DBZ was big, Pokemon was bigger. My school was full of Pokemon fanatics and then a few years later, the guys were all like, "OMG YU-GI-OH!" so my guy friends got boring because they were like, "YU-GI-OH CARD GAME!" And all the girls were like, "Ugh, boring." >.>

      And thanks. LOL me and one of my friends have a special language between us. It rocks. I wish I could see her again but she moved away and we've lost contact. ;.;
    11. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      I should reply when I have free time too. Just came back from a four day weekend! It made me remember why summer's so great...

      D: Yeah, I am xD Well, I tried to sweeten the deal with a "you guys can use it too! WheneverI'mnotusingitthatis,andIuseitallthetime!"

      I guess narusaku can be compared to pokeshipping since Naruto and Sakura's relationship is sorta like how pokeshipping is. 'Cept Misty was never that mean to Ash. And she had a reason to be mad at him. Sakura was mean for the reason of being mean @___@

      LOL, wow am I glad that I stopped watching the fillers early on xD

      Yeah yeah! That's what I see too, when they're the side shipping, it's like perfect. But I think the major problem with most naruhina fanfics is that that the fanfic writer is just frustrated with Hinata's character (mostly, sometimes they're frustrated with Naruto too. But I think it's mostly Hinata) and then they change her to whatever fits what they want to write. It's like if you don't like the way she is then don't write for her o____O Or at least make the transformation believable D:

      Naruto is depressing me too. I literally stopped watching after the first few Shippuden episodes. Oh well, I guess. It had its time, but now it has to make room for other animes. They honestly should have quit while they were ahead. other animes? Mmm, no, not really. I read other stuff though! Like Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Kodocha... and other stuff I just can't seem to remember.

      I have an excuse for my five day absence! I was on a mini-vacation! xD
    12. Mel-Girl
      Maybe as I like a ship, I'll add it to a list I type up on like a word document on the computer or something. As a way to remember my ships. =D

      LOL, people are never satisfied with what happens. There's always complaints. ;.;

      And bwahaha, Shinozakatsu with the John Smiths. Sounds fun. XDDDD A multicultural fic would be interesting and it would provide a good reason for name variety.

      Thanks. And you're right. LOL I saw someone at my school with a Pokemon bag and I was like, "Ha!" But I had that feeling of 'What if they don't like Pokemon much and they just had the bag because they thought it was cute or something?' Oh lawlz, I fail.

      And I'm 15 now. Hakazaaaaaaaaaaaah! *new word???*
    13. dawnfan101
      thanx 4 the advice thats really useful for my firstshipping fic
    14. dawnfan101
      thanxs that really helpfull
    15. dawnfan101
      oh yah and thanx i didnt wanna get in trouble 4 my sig. lol
    16. dawnfan101
      hi Yoshi-kun i made a shipping fic and thought can u check it out and tell me what u think and fell free to give ideas its called first ever shipping fic about cavaliershipping!! rating~ pg, or pg-13 sorth of long isnt it. hehehe
    17. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      You reply quick and thankies again! xP

      O-M-G, your parents outsmarted you! I'm kinda glad my parents didn't think the idea of getting ONE laptop for ONE of their daughters even though they have SIX kids who need to use it through! If they did, I might not have had my pretty laptop who's almost a year old!

      She was, to be honest, a ***** (mind my language, it's hard to use a good word when that is all there is to describe her) when she liked Sasuke. I kinda, I guess, I sorta teeny insy winsy liked her after she cut her hair. But when she grew up it was like wth @___@!? She took twenty steps back after taking half a step forward D:

      Yeah, that one -____-;;; It was so stupid and pointless o____O And the fish one, I didn't understand it so I didn't like it ^^;;

      I miss reading fanfictions and stuff for them. But in all honesty, good ones for naruhina are REALLY hard to find. Like, Naruto always happens to be this hopeless romantic and I'm always like wth, this isn't Naruto. Or Hinata's all tough and stuff >O which just makes it even weirder O____O But the worst fanfics have to be the ones where Naruto is Naruto and Hinata is Sakura with her name just stamped on. It's like reading a narusaku except they label it naruhina.
    18. dawnfan101
      i think i made it smaller is it better? thanx 4 telling me
    19. Mel-Girl
      LOL thanks. XDDD

      Teencareshipping?! :O I thought it would something like that but I tend to forget as I don't talk about it as much because most people are like, "POKEADVANCEPEARLCONTESTIKARIPENGUINETCETC..." Mainstream shippings... XDDD

      :o Awww Shintaro sounds cute. OMG proposal! Actually, I might have seen this episode... Just ages ago though... XDDDD Damn, we need some canon in Pokemon, though some people might not be happy with what's canon and what's not...

      Overall I think we're agreed that the JP names beat the dub? Yeah, I understood how they came up with Misty, definitely. XD

      LOL Kimmy. Haha, that would be my OC's dub name... But then again, Kimi could just stay as it is and be an alternative spelling to a common name. And I hate it when names don't fit altogether. But then again, some dub and some JP could work with making it multicultural or something, I dunno... But yeah, in most cases, one or the other...

      LOL when I do my next sig change (when I'm bored of my DP rap), I'll definitely add you in. XD Haha, I find it easy to be myself on the internet because then you don't have to properly experience others' reactions so if it's bad, you don't know. Not to mention, there's usually someone who has a similar personality to you so you can always find friends easily. XD

      Otherwise in RL, if I don't know someone that well, I'll usually be like, "Ummmm... Ah yes?" around or something like that.
    20. dawnfan101
      So true i just put it on check it out and tell me what u think plzz!!
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