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Oct 30, 2007
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Wandering the Forums

    1. dawnfan101
      rhanx that really useful and i made a cavaliershipping banner im going to put it on my sig soon. i almost done
    2. dawnfan101
      something like that i think, but what is an e reader and how do u get it?
    3. dawnfan101
      ohhhh..^-^ do u know what an e card is in pokemon firered ?
    4. dawnfan101
      very true. ^-^ and how r u? and do u know how 2 ccatch aipom in pokemon firered?
    5. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Thanks for the forgiveness, but I think I have to ask for it again :P

      I don't have any lucky clothing atm, but I always take my cell phone with me and put it on vibrate, that somehow helps? lol, and I have a way of not saying what I'm going to do unless I'm a hundred and ten percent sure I'm going to do it! Yeah, they are D: I really don't like using it, that's why I somehow convinced my parents to buy me a laptop claiming it was for school. (and it is! Ten percent of the reasons why I use it is for school!)

      I really don't xD Yes! Hinata is my fave character of Naruto *points to username* Yeah, that's why I honestly think this two year thing was bad for her but I dunno, apparently a lot of people started to like her after she changed. I've never really liked her, but I admit that she was more tolerable when all she ever did was scream for Sasuke x___X

      I remember seeing a bit of one where someone store Jiraiya's book or something, like before he got to finishing it. Those perverted books he writes that Kakashi loves to read. I was just like, wth, what does this have to do with the story line O___O I stopped watching the fillers after they got to the fish girl lol D: That's when I was like enough is enough, this is ridiculous D:

      I haven't read/watched/seen/written anything naruhina in forever. I've become a lazy shipper lol
    6. Mel-Girl
      OMG Breedershipping and Sissyshipping! I remember those ships. LOL Wilhelmina... XD That makes me think of that character off uh... Ugly Betty? XDDD LOL Azami's squinty eye fetish... I have no idea what was happening when the writers thoguht of that one... It kinda seems to me like:
      Writer 1: Hey, let's make Azami interesting... How?
      Writer 2: Make her like Takeshi... Just cuz.
      Writer 3: Why would she like Takeshi? He's always having his chances with girls ruined.
      Writer 2: (shrugs) She likes his type?
      Writer 4: You mean the flirtatious yet wise with squinty eyes type?
      Writer 1: OMG let's give her a squinty eye fetish!
      Writer 3: Scandalous.
      Writer 4: I betcha shippers would like that.
      Writer 1: I like squinty eyes.

      Or something lame like that? I just came home and my brain is like, half dead or something. But yes, TakeHono (forgot shipping name, do you remember it?) is my fave Takeshi pairing. I should write TakeHono in my 'Except Me', which btw, thanks for reviewing. =D

      Hmmm, so it's a cross between Pokeshipping and Penguinshipping. You already got my interest. I'll have to watch the episode sometime, definitely. Plus it's canon, which is totally rare in Pokemon, so yaaaaaaaaaay!

      OMG Hikari also beats Dawn. I dunno. Dawn doesn't really suit her personality. While I'm used to it now, I still will barely use it. Haha, most Ikarishippers call them Hikari and Shinji. LOL most Shinji fans use the name Shinji. Only the dub-only people or the people who don't pay attention to the anime go by dub names these days. XD

      OMG I remember how in fanfiction, when Hikari and Shinji only just came into the picture, people would be like writing about Ash, Misty, Drew, May and then out of the blue, Hikari and Shinji. It was so weird seeing dub and JP names in one fic, imo. Either one or the other, I say. That's another reason why JP-name users in the fanfiction section have the upper hand. =D

      LOL must be more than twenty, cuz I like more than twenty ships. XD I could list more than twenty right now if I felt like it. Sure, you can be my Shipping Twin. =D Cuz you're pretty much like my shipping twin. Shipping Twin is easier to type up than Multishipping Twin too. =D Next time I edit my sig, I'll add you in as well as uh... my other SPPF twin (who shares first names with me =D) and my two cousins... XDDD

      LOL it's okay. Ask me whatever. Don't need to be shy around me. =D I'm only the *****iest girl around... *shot*
    7. dawnfan101
      long time no talk^-^
    8. Mel-Girl
      Yup. Takeshi x Honoka is definitely my fave out of the Takeshi shippings. XD Especially with how she was like, "I don't like younger men..." But then she did! XDDD

      I've heard of Teppo so many times. I believe Teppo was the first Japanese fanartist that I learned about when I first joined SPPF. XD

      And I do? Haha, then again, the characters I tend to bring up, their JP names are pretty easy to remember. And I gotcha. Never watched that episode, it's a Johto one right? I didn't watch much of Johto but I remembered that episode title cuz it's similar to Hi Ho Silver Wind. I'll look out for it though.

      Haha, I tend to just use the Japanese names around everybody as the characters I usually bring up, everybody knows them. Sometimes I use the dub names, but not often. Japanese names sound cooler. Especially since Shinji >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Paul. =P And woohoo, I'm the first person you can use JP names with easily. That rocks. No worries, glad you've been hpapy about that. =D
    9. Mel-Girl
      Yup, this one showed up. SPPf lag is mean. D<

      It kinda seemed lame to me that Kouhei and Honoka didn't get very good send-offs, which made me think both of them will appear again. Kouhei did, so Honoka is surely going to as well. Not to mention, Honoka went away earlier because she felt she couldn't face Takeshi after how badly she battled. I think that was why anyway... So she went off to train for Takeshi! XD

      And actually, I think I've seen that Indigoshipping fanart. I just forgot about that one. XD And I've seen her fanart site too.

      Sorry, I don't really have a clue who Shintaro and Yuriko are. I'm still going through learning the Jap names off by heart. It's so much easier when I learn their Jap names before their dub. That's why Shinji and Hikari were easier to remember off the bat. Same with the DP Pokemon too. Cuz it was around DP that I got into the Japanese version of the show.
    10. Mel-Girl
      XDDD You're right. Honoka totally needs to return. She was pretty cool. Plus Takeshi x Honoka is one of the few Takeshi ships that works, imo. XD Especially when she didn't get a good send-off.

      You're right, Hiroshi is better in the Pokemon Chronicles. Maybe it's when he's in episodes with Satoshi that make his character seem duller. I haven't seen much Indigoshipping fanart.

      As for OTPs... Not really for Pokemon. I can't decide at all with my ships. But for other animes, definitely. Like for Naruto, it's SasoDei... Well, it used to be. Not sure about now. And Bleach -> IshiHime... The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -> ItsuMiku. I dunno. For Pokemon, I can't work out my OTP. XD
    11. Mel-Girl
      OMG I don't pay attention to the computer for a while and BAM! I'm popular again. Bwahaha, oh yes. XD

      Thanks for your review! It was really long too. Like whoa. Thanks! I'll respond to the review later. =D

      Haha, I want to see someone beating up on the likes of Sasuke, Itachi and Shino. That would be hilarious for me. XD They need a good ol' Sakura punch.

      Yes, see, Kouhei is the awesomeness. He's one of the best characters in the DP anime. I hope he appears more often. Woohoo, converted you to IronWillshipping. Haha, my plan worked. =P

      Indigoshipping... That's Hiroshi x Kasumi, right? I thought that shipping would be cute, if only Hiroshi were more interesting. ;;^^

      LOL, don't worry your fic was good. I need my reviewing skills back so I can review it.
    12. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      I'm like... the laziest person ever xD;; Please forgive me~!

      I am so superstitious when it comes to things like that! I find it a jinx to ever talk about anything before it happens. Last year I knew what school I was going to but I never told anyone until the day right before school, lol! But yeah, I feel for you, using the family computer must be a pain. I hate whenever I have to use it D: And no probs

      Naruhina was just the ideal ship to me, I was so sad when I found out it had little chance to happen when Narusaku was shoved in *grumblegrumblewhydoesthatshiphavetobecanongrumblegrumble* I have a lot to complain about when it comes to narusaku :P Seriously, don't even get me started lol. I'll probably make your eyes fall out with how much I can rant about it hahah. It's just a shipping I don't like because I never really liked Sakura. More so now since it seems to me that she lost all her femininity.

      Interesting thing about the fillers, I kinda hope it's true since some fillers were so unbelievably not like Naruto I didn't even bother to watch @__@;;

      Same, poor, sweet little Hinata with outspoken, bratty, sometimes caring, arrogant Naruto <333 Ahhh, match made in heaven :D
    13. Mel-Girl
      I'm not sure. I haven't seen the name for Shigeru x all his cheerleaders... There's a list of all the ships out there, so I could check it out sometime... Though, I'm quite busy with updating my fic and all too.

      Yes, I want Sasuke owned badly too! Sakura should like attempt to hit Naruto, miss and hit Sasuke AT THE LEAST if she won't go psycho on purpose. It's always the clueless people that get beaten up on... ;;^^ It happens all the time though. Naruto, Luffy, Kentaro, Kenshin, ah I could go on and on with this list.

      Ah, I thought Maypoleshipping was something to do with Harley. XDD Haha, if the Pokemon dumped him, Harley would go catch new buddies after sulking for a while. XD or he go have some quick flings. XDDD

      Yes, I'm converting you to Ironwill. Though I get the feeling that if you read my fic, you'd be fully converted to that as well as other shippings! ;;^^ Trust me, I've made various people join new shipping threads jsut because they got converted by my fic. XDDDD And I'll shut up about my fic. XDDD

      I kinda thought Kouhei looked like a Masato/Shinji cross because Kouhei's hairstyle is slightly Shinji-ish. Just dye Kouhei's hair purple and it's similar. :O

      LOL I like polyshipping. Especially in cute fanart of the three hanging out. XD Not necessarily shippy fanart, but still. Dang, I was converted to Beaconshipping solely because of the fanart and then I suddenly thought, "Hey, it would be a cute ship."

      BTW, I read your fic 'Reflections' and I'll review later. I only review fics when I'm in the right reviewing mood. XD
    14. Mel-Girl
      Oh LAWLZ... Shigeru is pimp.

      I'd definitely watch a Co-ordinatorshipping soap opera. Would be hilarious. =D

      And actually, I wanted Sakura to beat up on Sasuke for some reason. I always want characters who never seem to get owned to well, get owned. Like when Kakashi sat on Sasuke. XDDD

      Maypoleshipping? Damn, I should know this... Eh, I forgot. XD But indeed, nobody dumps Harley first! XD Wouldn't it be a shame if the Pokemon dumped him first? Oh god... XD

      IronWill is a sexy shipping. =D Gen is hot stuff and Hikari's cute and I always thoguht they'd actually last as a couple because Gen would be all nice and stuff. XD Kouhei is hilarious, so HeatTagshipping is more hilarious. I love their moments. XDDD Comakarishipping was mostly shipped out of my Ikari and Coma love, because I like both those shippings a tad more than Pearl. ;;^^
    15. Mel-Girl
      I like Lunarshipping actually. Shigeru is pimp. XD

      And you're right. Co-ordinatorshipping is like, all the drama. XDDD Harley does something crazy and makes sure it involves Haruka and Shuu too. XD

      Oh, you don't have to read my fic, but then again, multishipping fic! =D But yeah, Ikari does give that SasuSaku vibe slightly, except Hikari gets ****** with Shinji at times but Sakura never got ****** off at Sasuke. XD

      Yes, Harley loves his Pokemon. XDDD They're his buddies. =D But yeah, I can imagine Harley having flings. I jsut want to find one for him to have a fling with, but the other dumps Harley first and Harley's like "Whaaaaaaaaaat? I do the dumping fiiiiiiiirst!! ;.;"

      Ah yes, my Hikari shippings. My top 3 are Penguin, Ironwill and Ikari. Penguin for anime, IronWill is just plain smexy imo and Ikari, because of the concept plus Hikari and Shinji are my fave Pokemon characters.

      But I'll try and remember as many as possible... Here goes (not in order of preference):
      Sometimes Appeal... Not really fully into it cuz I don't like Nozomi enough tbh...
      Uza's fic made me like Hikari x Hiroshi too...

      I like tons of shippings for Hikari. XD But I take some more seriously than others. Like out of that list, ones I can properly spaz about for a while are Penguin, Ikari, Ironwill, HeatTag, Cavalier and Beacon. So uh... My top 6??? XD

      I'm very easy to convert to shippings too. :O
    16. Mel-Girl
      Lag and errors are mean. D=

      And you named a ship? That's awesome! =D Arcshipping makes a good threesome, IMO because like, I often keep going back and forth between Contest and Advance and Respect is a decent yaoi ship so like, why not? I don't ship Arcshipping like seriously, like I wouldn't write tons about them but it's just the idea behind the ship I guess that works for me.

      Coordinatorshipping... That's like Haruka x Shuu x Harley, isn't it? Sounds like great crack. XD

      Cavalier is great, Penguin's one of my faves and Ikari... While I doubt it'll become canon, I think it can make quite a dramatic pairing to write for fanfiction. In a way, it can fit the SasuSaku thing but at the same time, be its own concept too? I often look for ideas behind ships as well as the ships themselves, if that makes sense.

      Shinji is anti-social, but that also makes it more fun to plonk him into troublesome situations, like in my fic *link in sig*, Shigeru thinks for some weirdo reason that Shinji like Hikari and keeps bringing it up and it annoys Shinji like mad. XDDDD

      Harley is the crackiest character to ship IMO. He's fun to ship, but hard to ship seriously so like, I can't get really attached to ships with him in it. Harley seems like a free spirit to me who isn't particularly concerned with dating a lot.
    17. Mel-Girl
      Haha! Multishippers rule the world and you know it. XD

      Let's see... Out of those you listed...

      I like Poke, sometimes Gym, Masumi, Ego, a bit of Indigo, Waterflower sounds good and Oyster. XD

      Wow, you Kasumi shipper. XDDD

      And with Haruka, she's a great character to ship. It's funny how shippable the girls are. Especially Hikari, because I don't think she's got that 'set' ship, ya know? She hasn't got any ships that are real promising to becoming canon which is why I think she is shipped with so many different characters. XD

      Cookieshipping, OMG yes! I always liked it for crack purposes. XD Cuz Harley owns. =D
    18. Mel-Girl
      Btw thanks for the add. =D
    19. ChloboShoka
      Cool, and it's ok you can PM me. ^^
    20. ChloboShoka
      College has been great for me and I've just come back home from a party.
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