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Oct 30, 2007
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Wandering the Forums

    1. ChloboShoka
      Heya Yoshi-kun
      How are you?
    2. dawnfan101
      i agree that makes total sence and he should write a poem for her
    3. dawnfan101
      i know, wht do u think should happen if they meet again.
    4. dawnfan101
      i started supporting it since i saw the 1st episode with gary in it and the luv hint between dawn and gary
    5. dawnfan101
      cool sig i love cavaliershipping so much.
    6. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Well, it was okay internet-wise, but irl I didn't really do much.. xD Cramming and studying wow, you just have to get that scholarship now! Yes, many positive thinking is needed! And I can help you with that! lol Yes, yes, yes, isn't it? It was my first and probably favorite pairing for Naruto of all time! It just seemed to make so much sense to me and I was really disappointed when a handful of their hints came from the fillers (doesn't matter though, since the ones in the manga were much cuter =DDD) and I was also disappointed when it was shoved out of the way to make room for narusaku, but we still have the old naruhina moments to remember I guess
    7. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Yay, hope you had fun on your trip :D lol, my summer hasn't been all that awesome either, but I hope the scholarship comes through! lol, you can come online more now that summer's over? Most people can't come on much because of school!
      Yay!! Another Naruhina fann~! :DDDD Isn't it adorable? <33
    8. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      halllow, haven't spoken to you since... ever xD Soo, what's up? Did you manage to survive all those tests?
    9. ~Mist~
      Awww! ;; Yeah, schools/colleges are insane. They never know when to leave you alone. D= Hope you can get better. Cheer up~ =D

      And thanks! I'll try my best at it. xD
    10. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      oooh, those type of tests are the best. The ones you KNOW you got a bad score on but end up getting very good on lol XD awww ;-; You'll survive, don't worry! Everyone always does :'D
    11. ~Mist~
      Aww, yeah, that happens to me sometimes. One moment I'm online then boom! Gotta go do soemthing else [like work]. And aww, best of luck with your classes, Yoshi-kun! You'll do just fine as long as you try your best. =D
    12. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      not much, finished school recently (yayayay! XD) And now, I'm worrying about ACTs :(
    13. ~Mist~
      Aww, I'm the same way. I plan on working most of the time during the summer to help gain some money. xD College is so expensive. @@;
    14. Hakajin
      Ha, well, you never can be sure.

      Anyway, I watched the anime on CN for a while. I liked it pretty well. Then school started, and I couldn't stay up late anymore... and then they took it off.
    15. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      lol, I got it! XD
    16. ~Mist~
      Aww, it's okay. I had some trouble at first as well. xD How are ya?
    17. Hakajin
      Yeah... Well, I don't think it works quite like that. I think what you delete is still on your computer, until that space is used to save something else. That's what I've heard from forensic shows, anyway.
    18. Hakajin
      The worst part is that you can't completely delete it. It stays there forever, like a scar.
    19. Hakajin
      Don't worry about it, I keep posting on my own wall, even though I know better. So embarrassing...
    20. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Haven't spoken to you outside of the PS thread :P So, hello! lol xD
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