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  • You should quote your confirmation post for your egg hatching, from your large post I can't even tell what kind of egg you're hatching. When you edit your post with my confirmation post I'll hatch your egg for you.
    Just, you know. Since it's been literally two and a half months(*glares at Kindrindra*) I'm informing you he's ordered. Feel free to ref if/when you can.
    Also the main contributer to this is last round and forgetting hiddenpower is water type when used by Panpour.
    Boosts like hone claws and cheer up would normally be 20% (swords dance and nasty plot 40%). This time I screwed up and made them 10%, I noticed this round but I wanted to stay consistent.
    Yeah, I just found out that the "Show Signatures" button doesn't get rid of your signature, it just gets rid of all signatures, so my signature is still visible to other people. :/

    Fixed it now, though.

    Awesome. That one was the easiest one in the ice temple for me, though the level was likely the hardest. I think I beat him on my third try, as opposed to (for Feraligatr) my, like, 15th.

    Wut. Where did brandan get the idea of Bubblebeam dealing a HB of damage? Nah, I mostly ref Bubblebeam as .5HB on a stationary target and up to .8HB on a moving target (.8 is the absolute max- like, if a pokemon was Extremespeeding through it).

    Ah, yes, Empoleon. I had less trouble with him than I did with Feraligatr, but he was still somewhat dificult, even with a pair of Shinx- you really have to watch out after you get his bar high, as he'll start turning around mid-slash. On the other hand, his geyser attack is quite exploitable.
    Yougi, I was waiting for the responses(i'm a d-ref) on PocketRamen vs. Bigtukker...... lol it's all good.
    Well I am very glad you did. You saved me a lot of trouble in the long run.
    I don't know if this is a spammer or not, he seems to want to actually do the battling once I showed him where the rules are Jerichi's school thingy were. But thanks completely.
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