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Last Activity:
Dec 9, 2016
Jul 11, 2006
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Under those Clouds, UK.
Kitchen Assistant/Job Hunter

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Patience? Virtue?, from Under those Clouds, UK.

yougirasu was last seen:
Dec 9, 2016
    1. Zalck
      thank you. I am glad someone checked, I was to lazy! XD
    2. arcanumghost
      Yeah, Chinchou was my first thought, but I asked a few people including Arc and they all thought Pachirisu. Doesn't matter, at least I know now : 3 I want a Shinx anyway, so I think I may adopt the one available now and see about unlocking my PC today so I can start grabbing some eggs.
    3. Fire_Pokemon_Master_271
      Don't worry about it, I know how it feels. Anyway, guess I'll throw the thread up now.
    4. Fire_Pokemon_Master_271
      I can take the PASBL match of you vs. A Winter Breeze, but I'm still a D-Grade ref and therefore need permission before starting. Please VM me back with your answer on whether or not you would like me to take this battle.
    5. Raddaya
      Ah...Daylight Savings. No wonder I thought you were too early.
    6. james2791
      Hmm... I see you've got a good strategy going there. Kabuto should know some water based moves if I'm right? Not suggesting the typespam, but it might work out well in a nice combo or something...
      By the way, I just ordered attacks in our match - it's going to be a great finale :D
    7. james2791
      Cool - sounds like a good idea, maybe 1 on 1 like my DQed match va Grand? That was good fun while that lasted... Maybe if you made the DQ limit very tight, might finish the battle relatively quickly...
      Gee, gl with that battle against MM07 - doesn't your Kabuto have a good movepool? Even so, two electric (and paralysing) moves can be of a pain - there 2x effective against ur Kabuto, so maybe combat it by going out all offensive perhaps?
    8. james2791
      Agreed with you totally, I guess everythings gone in a massive slowdown trend (for me anyway), it is a bit boring... BUT I can tell now that the ending will be good... Hopefully huh? And if you do pick up a match, and because I know you're active, I'll offer to ref that match if you like Youg :)
    9. Raddaya
      Err...hehe...you forgot the sig again in the Coin Exchange..:P
    10. sargo56
      Can you please make me a banner or direct me to someone who can?
    11. Kindrindra
      May I ref your match against Lunatone Is This?
      *Pleading eyes*
    12. ~Dragon_Master~
      thanks for taking the match :)
    13. james2791
      Damn... Well, I guess it's the refs' own perspective of how the battle is going - your Growlithes energy has going down by quite a bit though for one round.... But really were all partially new to the reffing game, so some mistakes are always likely to come up... Lol, it's allright to rant :) love doing it too - you know your stuff Yougi =D And yrah, don't retire yet from battling - but I'll also say your reffings are supreme in my mind.
    14. james2791
      Haha yeah.... I skimmed over our battle this morning and i thought I didnt see Furys' energy/health levels, but realised they were missing oO... in your situation, blame the RNG - seems more appropriate somehow =D Never battled a Kabuto before, shame you didnt bring him to the match... oh well, maybe you will in our future rematch? ;)
    15. james2791
      I was going to PM you on th very same topic Yougi - good timing! But it has been something like. 2 weeks now, starting to lose patience a bit... I'll leave the final decision to you and I'll just tag along with it, be it finding a new ref or waiting some more, I'll do whatever you decide.
    16. Raddaya
      Aye aye. Also I don't officially have a slot until you post in the thread and battle results to say it's cancelled :P And don't worry about Killy Gallet, it could happen to any new ref
    17. Raddaya
      Gonna be a Hidden Squad, has to be, if we're RFing it's the following rules:
      2 v 2 DT
      Switch= <.<
      DQ: Er, 30 min since it's RF?
      Any arena? Night Fight if possible?

      If you decide it's not gonna be RF, change it to 96 hr DQ
    18. Raddaya
      Psst: You okay with ZJ reffing our (future) match? You both are british, and I'm only 5.5 ahead of you, while I_D is +11 and probably can't coordinate.
    19. K-B-K
      I do indeed. I only returned two days ago. Sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner.
    20. Insidious_Dreamer
      Yo yougi. Ur match stats for that match are fine. Well done on ur first reffing btw.
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    Under those Clouds, UK.
    Kitchen Assistant/Job Hunter
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am me. Lol, the main problem with me though is that I have a very inconsistent memory.

    Pokémon TCG, ABL, Computer Games, being bored, etc.


    Castiel: I don't fight any more. I watch the bee's


    PASBL: TL2, 12W/8L/1D, 33 KO's, 79TP, 14.75 SP.

    *Certified Ref. Grade: B-*

    The Team of Yougi.
    [​IMG] 24 - 22 [​IMG]
    [​IMG]21 - 1 [​IMG]