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  • Mega Sceptile has it's merits. And interesting STAB. It outspeeds and has a 25% chance to OHKO mega Ray with Dragon Pulse.
    And has a 50% chance to do the same to Primal K with Leaf Storm. But it's not a certainty with either of those.

    Speed control is everything. Now more then ever.
    Tailwind and trick room are literally everywhere. Talonflame is still seen and while quick guard from Sceptile stops brave bird. That leaves it open to Talonflames partner.
    + while you go for mat block with Greninja ~ An interesting concept btw :D ~ your opponent will most likely be using dark void/tailwind/trick room/rock polish/geomancy.

    Primal Groudon cannot be OHKO'd by any of Sceptile's moves. Even HP Ground is only a 3HKO and OHKO's you with Fire Punch / Eruption.

    Xerneas isn't OHKO'd by any of Sceptile's moves either. Can go for a Geomancy and the next turn outspeed and OHKO you. :/

    I'm not saying don't run sceptile. It'd be awesome to make a team around it. Just be prepared for the fact that it's difficult to use and it lacks the power to reliably OHKO most things.
    No, my IGN is Davon, and it says your FC is invalid. Also about that Multi, we were able to battle together because we had a common friend. You are on my Acquaintance List though.
    Yes it is ready, should be online and ready to trade it to you. Just checking to make sure I have added you before.
    Breeding you the Magic Guard Abra, should be ready by the time you get online to view this message.
    [ That's alright. I've had really bad flu for over a week now. Had to go to the DR's this morning :3 ugh

    I'll battle you when your ok again! Hoping you have a speedy recovery :)

    Saw your post in ROF :D]
    I just joined ROF, but I can't get XAT to work on any of my devices whatsoever. It's just blank and unresponsive
    If someone forces you into something overpromising it will never work out...

    Thankfully match exams aren't mandatory as of yet here, so I'll just settle with the two languages that I know...
    Too easy, the story was not meant to be taken seriously, and seemed to be just a bunch of random events intertwined, plus the music was lame.

    As if, it's like a pair of concrete shoes, or worse...
    Take away, take away
    Take away
    Take away this ball and chain
    No, just games of that style, two big fans of it pretty much forced me into it and I didn't like it at all.
    RPGs are great, but not always.

    No, maths is the reason why you can fail exams.
    I was naive to think that people would even bother reading my bio.
    Read that first, then ask.

    Nintendo realized that math sucks and redesigned Fantina's gym for Platinum, and I didn't have to do math to verify that I'm not an ad bot on the site because instead you can instead name a pokemon!
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