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  • I like music, not making it because I don't know how, but listening to it, coding and any other maths related stuff can go to hell, I do like video games and drawing, the ones I do by hand look so silly because of the 12 color limit, so I don't really upload those, while I don't do digital that often because drawing with a mouse is hard as I don't have a tablet. I really started uploading just last December.
    I'm not that into anime, but I'm currently finishing up a few remaining episodes so there's that too.
    It depends how often some people reply and how fast the messages go.
    If someone replies to you 1-2 times a day, you'll never run out. 30 times or so, however.
    Best examples are the banned game threads, when they go by too fast and most of the posts are considered spamming.
    Precisely, especially if one of the two people has no ideas at all.

    My handwriting is terrible, I experimented with styles and tried different hands, but in the end it is still bad just that I almost entirely changed my style, typing is way easier, obviously.
    I tried, but nothing ever took off.
    My opinion on RPs is somewhere in my bio.

    And don't take my writing for granted, I have two wording styles, and two handwriting styles, ambidextrous lol
    Hello, person I never seen before, who somehow misliked into here.
    Let me introduce myself, I am the ruler of this page.
    *Hangs a flag*
    Why is gonna kill me for this, but thank Arcues Wobbe is banned. :3

    Heh. Oh your on PS? I really really really need to make an account there :3
    I have like one OU team.

    I'm terrible at singles, but willing to battle you sometime :)

    Happy new year btw
    Really cool YouTube channel btw.

    I liked (Yes even with hindsight) your the "Why isn't there a gen 3 remake"

    I too wondered that during gen 5.
    I agree, and I find it very difficult to understand why anyone would do something immoral or stupid that will hurt someone's feelings. People, especially teenagers, confuse me, and yet I find myself going to watch a movie with this girl and her friend.

    Oh dear, it seems I chose my words so poorly as to put myself on the spot. Well, that's no good, so I'll just say to-da-loo.
    I recently got asked out just because of my cheekbones *insert badass shades wearing emote here*
    Tbh, it's not what I'd usually build a relationship on, but I'll take it right now...

    Yes, this conversation is in some dire need of toilet humour so that I can prove my immaturity.
    You're too beautiful and perfect to know, lol? Wait, are you secretly a model...

    Indeed. The irony is in a few years time we might consider the same of our current conversation.
    I'm short enough for people to notice and comment lol. The only thing about myself physically that I don't like.
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