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  • I remember the days when I used to log on multiple times a day. Now it's just once a week maybe if I remember haha. Maybe if you responded sometimes on skype...
    Whenever is fine :)
    Can I just say how annoying the whole This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 1 seconds. thing is?
    Yeah but Im also redoing my second semester of algebra 1 online cause I got sick at the end of the year and failed it by like 1%. I was so mad.
    U have no idea how long its been since someone called me bree. Didnt realized how much I missed that. Ive switched to using Azreala or Squirel on my other game sites, but Bree was always one of my first names <3
    Ive barely had computer time since school started and that time goes for the games I actually play and fb for the most part. its insane how much work I do in Algebra 2 honors and AP US History. Algebra is like busy work, but History always takes longer
    You'll have to explain a bit more how all this works. I know how to use showdown but don't understand how i choose what pokemon i can use. can i se any 6 pokemon i want? can i change what pokemon i use? etc
    Hey, sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. I was on vacation in India and really couldn't check my emails. Anyway, I hope you had a good Ramadan and Eid!
    Haha, yeah~ I'm not super active here, unfortunately, since I'm also admining a Pokemon board of my own, but yeah, it's nice to see another Potterhead around! c:

    That would be an interesting concept, yeah~ Shame it probably won't happen though. At least they're making another movie though!
    Nope, that was not me, never been on PokeCommunity before.
    This is awkward...
    But its nice to meet you!
    Nope, you joined in 2014 and haven't posted on any of the threads I did so (SHRUG).
    Don't remember you, at least not that account.
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