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  • Hey Goose, mind if I ref your 4 v 4 in the OC thread once it gets taken? I'm trying to get back into reffing! If you want, you can look through my squad summary reffing links for examples of my style and how I interact with battlers. If you're okay with it you can edit it in the post.
    Welcome to ASB!

    - New Level acquisitions are [found here].
    - General rules for attacks and glossary of key terms were sort of revised and merged. [Link Provided].
    - Move Errata on the main site is not fully updated, so make sure to check out the UPN Move Errata as well. [Link Provided].
    - Future Reference was updated. [Link Provided].
    - New!New SCs are now live. [Link Provided].

    Until you reach TL2 and have beldum as your uplevel for Metang, the addition of Beldum will be a wasted spot. Instead, you can sport a bronzor for the same typing, or you can wait out until TL2, which is achievable at a relatively fast pace. Golett is an option that can remain a regular squad member though, and the uplevel squad can go to something obtainable at TL2. If you wish to stay with Golett as your uplevel, then there is nothing stopping you either. Enjoy your stay!
    To save us both time in the future:

    Do I have your explicit permission to pick up any of your matches?
    Hey, if you see this, TKF is online and apparently relatively active, so if you want to RF our match, we could.
    Ended up working a few extra hours since a coworker called in sick, but the threads up and ready to go now!
    Sweet, im just checking my phone before work but ill have the thread up after I get off :3
    Hey Goose, whenever your open challenge gets accepted, could I offer to ref it? I'm asking because it'd be my first time, so you're welcome to decline if you'd like someone more experienced.
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