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  • I'll trade you multiple power items for a Master Ball and TMs for Rock Slide and Grass Knot. VM me back with the ones you want. My friend code is 3524 1504 8931.
    no no no thank you (i suck at chaining - too easily distracted...) gonna train them shinies up ready to kick buttz :p
    you ready to go on wifi? i've got 6 random ditto in there - 2 with the power anklet / macho brace & 4 with random berries so shove some random pokemon you don't want in your party & i'll be there soon (just having a quick smoke first...)
    i've got a spare macho brace so i'll chuck that in with the power anklet if you wanna trade them for the ponyta & the snorunt?
    i just stuck a random ditto with a berry in there (gotta have spares!)

    do you have the power anklet? i can get that with another couple of battle tower rounds
    i've got pokerus but wow more shinies would be awesome! as you've got a few doubles - the following would be cool too:

    timid smoochum - nickname: Pinky

    jolly delibird - nickname: Farticuno

    bold nosepass - nickname: Groucho

    (if you are the OT & can nickname them that is?)

    nearly there - just gotta bash the tower tycoon 1 more time!
    it'll have to be the marill just for the colour - shiny azumarill looks so cool! :p can it be nicknamed?

    (nearly there with the battle tower - i keep getting distracted though...)
    sorry about that - i call everyone dude! i've started on the battle tower & it may take me a while, but i'll have the items in a couple of hours or so

    what natures are the shinies? i'll find one i like! :p
    i am looking for:

    Power Band
    Power Bracer
    Power Belt
    Power Lens
    Power Weight
    shiny/ut/Smoochum w/ Aspear Berry
    shiny/t/Delibird (moves- Present/Ice Beam/Rest/Natural Gift)
    i can whiz through the battle tower a few times & get them items - what would you offer for all 5 items dude?
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