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    If I was drunk/high I probably wouldn't mind, but sober I don't know if I could handle that lol.
    hahahha i love it. pridefest was okay. i was sober (except friday, i was ridiculously stoned off of firecrackers) so i was a lot more "dude, i just wanna go home and lay down" than "WHOOO I DON'T REMEMBER HOW WE GOT HERE, BUT LET'S DANCE", such as last pridefest lol.

    and freaking bonnaroo? i wish, dude, i wish. i live way too far away to think about traveling out there but someday! that sucks you didn't end up going! ;_; i've been in that can't-get-off-work dilemma; it's really messed over some potentially bitchin' ****. and i hate your friend's life so hard right now.
    really really glad to hear about your exams/final grades though! :] :] and the lack of crap weather and customers! whoo!
    you could take those exact words out of my mouth about impassivity problems haha. those thoughts ALWAYS enter my head at all times. and i know with pridefest this weekend it will be even worse since it starts @ 3pm friday and we're going to start pregaming tomorrow. all day. hahah so bad. pridefest, to answer your question, is a giant gay festival that is held every summer the second weekend in june on the summerfest grounds (huge) that goes friday, saturday and sunday. you can buy tickets for individual days but i always get the three day pass. it is literally my favorite time of the year, close second being summerfest and the entire month of october. music isn't usually too big since they have a giant gay orgy rave in the dance pavilion every night but they do have headliners for comedy and music. brian and i are going to see salt n peppa which we're thoroughly pumped about hahahha. and deven green, a comedian that does these videos called welcome to my comedy that brian's, his ex-boyfriend and i can quote like there's no tomorrow. we bought a half ounce of green just for that comedy show.

    ouch, i hope your exams went well! working that much can be hella stressful when in school but now you have good paychecks out of it! yay sufficient funds!

    the weather here he been exactly that, either cold and rainy or 93 ****ing degrees and humid as **** when it's not raining already. i swear half of lake michigan probably hovers over the state of wisconsin and just makes it a state that's wet enough to rival the pacific west coast. D: i was just compelled to check the weather for today and it looks like thunderstorms all day with a high of 90 and a heat index of 101. AWESOME. :|
    that's why i'm not posting in there anymore it's the same crap throughout.. what is it now?
    20? 30 pages? i havn't checked it in awhile.
    oh man, same here. i get the worst hangovers in the world, or no hangover at all. the other night me and my bess fran went to see the hangover 2 and brought a smart water's bottle of captain with and a mtn dew bottle of svedka and proceded to make it into a drinking game and go to a gay bar. worst hangover ever. i woke up the next morn with the worst hangover (a "looking at anything that can go in my body for either positive or negative effects will make me vomit" hangover) and just seeing the bottle of rum on my kitchen table made me literally vomit. i can't imagine what would have happened if i had smelled it D: i can't believe i fall for drinking all the time since i hate it so so much.

    that concert sounds ****ing epic. my life has been a travesty of working, failing at saving money for a car, and really really crap weather and a concert or a handful of them sound nice. luckily pridefest is next weekend and summerfest is in a month. :D
    hahahaa that's hilarious. i love when stuff like that happens. i assume that was by campus because there's a couple streets i can think of in milwaukee where i could see something like that happening. probably have happened, just not in my knowledge.

    my disdain for the taste of alcohol, paired with my very occasional interest in obtaining a slight buzz, throwing in my odd affinity for scotches and whiskeys result in me usually just taking shots. and a lot of them. which never ever gives me the buzz i'm looking for. i went to a strip club the other night with a big group of people and ended up spending $130 on my tab at the bar, and only remembering until roughly 9pm when i decided that walking around in my bra and jean shorts was a good idea. i miraculously woke up in my bed, but had the worst hang over of my life and a hefty collection of bruises on my left leg. i hate alcohol so hard. i need to just stick to buying weed. D:
    hahaha, i looked up at my tabs when i read "yet I had Facebook open like 30-40% of the day" and facebook was open even though i haven't looked at it for hours. what the hell, haha i suck. i think if i liked talking on the phone more or were better at texting people back, i'd be inclined to delete my facebook but since i'm so passive when it comes to communicating (i'll not answer my cell phone, yet a minute later text the caller inquiring what they're calling about haha) i feel i would get a lot of "are you alive" inquiries if i didn't have a facebook. your awesome music updates are missed, by the way.

    and dude, wtf? i would have crapped my pants! that's awesome though, how exactly did that happen? if you were drunk that must have been scary.

    oh oh oh, and i found out yesterday when talking to my cousin about my fast-approaching voyage to cincinnati, that in the magical land of the buckeyes, alcohol isn't disallowed from being sold after 9 o'clock like it is in some unfortunate other mid-west states. blerrrg. and thus, i envy you. but only slightly since i'm slowly figuring out drinking isn't my cup of tea (or whiskey?) at all.
    bahahha, blistered dents in their asses, how eloquent. i like. :')
    and that's great that you've managed to find people to find you, i don't know if anyone would notice if i deleted my facebook haha. i went to a huge huge high school so pretty much all of my facebook friends are people i went to high school with that i haven't talked to since i graduated 3 years ago. and i'd hope the people that would notice my absence would have my number already since it's been the same since 7th grade. i don't really like talking on facebook chat or talking to people at all in general, so now that i think about it, i'm not sure why i even still use my account in the first place.
    Wow, that actually sounds like a lot of fun. I don't think I could do that with biking. I used to do track and field, so I could probably do a quick run around town. As long as I kept pushing at it. I do need to get some better habits going on.
    i've never played resident evil 4! i've only played 1,2, and 5. i *loved* 5, so if you think 4 is even better then i must play that asap. if i could afford a ps3, i would for sure buy one, especially for little big planet 2 and the fact that the resolution on ps3 is not only sick as hell, but unmatched. at least my wii still works so i can still hit up my super paper mario and mario galaxy games. which btw, both have great soundtracks if you're looking for fun happy vid'ya game tunes to study for finals to. i have modern warfare 2 (i think??) for wii. or maybe it's... not that one but a different call of duty game. anyways, got it for christmas but haven't played it yet cos i'm so wii-mote stupid. really wanna play it though; i can beast those shooter games and that seems to surprise most people.

    and good job deleting facebook! something more people should have the balls to do. though it will be sad to log on and see people complaining about their lives sans an amazing music post every here 'n' there.
    Yeah, it takes a lot more energy that someone would think. Oh well, it's fun enough and keeps me out of the house.

    Are you one of those mountain bikers? Or you just like me and do it casually when you have the free time? Can't say I've done anything super serious with biking.
    Can't say I frequent this place much anymore. Well, I do, but nowhere near those days years ago where I would spend all my time. Uh, let's see. I mostly just lounge about, watching TV or playing video games. I'm preparing for a badminton tournament soon, and that pretty much covers all about me. I'm a simple guy. Yourself?
    yeah, i've heard about that crap going on with sony. that blows! video games are getting so expensive and glitchy, i feel like all i need anymore is just my n64. ol' reliable. and computer emulators for snes games. but i DO miss my xbox for beautiful katamari and resident evil 5. ;_;
    that's on my list of games to check out. my very long list. unfortunately, my xbox red ringed and shortly thereafter, died completely and permanently on me in summer of ought eight. and i've yet to purchase a new one ;_; maybe i'll check craigslist..
    dunno why, but i like doing dishes. it's easy and i really like the way dish soap smells. bubbles are fun.

    i love skate! in my dorm days my friend marty and i would get super ripped and play for hours trying to see who could win the most wipe out points in that wipe out challenge thing. i've never played skate 2, though.
    so how you likin' wendys thus far in your burger journey? i bet it beats waking up at 5am to sit around all day making coffee beverages. i'm looking into getting my bartenders license since it only costs like 15 bucks and i hear bartenders make mad bank. plus bars are always hiring. maybe if wendy's fails you or you become bored as quickly as i do with jobs, you could always become a drink slinger!

    tony hawk 4 is, hands down, my favorite of all of 'em. i was playing 10 or 11 or something a while back on my best fran's 360 and i was... confused. the graphics were insane though. very impressed haha. gamecube games will always rank high in my favorites.
    you pay for school yourself? very intense. apartment life isn't cheap, but with a roommate or two and the right apartment, it can be very affordable. my first apartment was in a duplex, two guys upstairs, me and my roommate downstairs and with utilities and internet it was about $325/month. i managed to afford it with 15 hours/week at a quiznos. have you started @ wendy's yet?

    a couple months ago, i did nothing but play tony hawk 4 on gamecube for two weeks straight hhaha. i'm way too uncoordinated to even go straight on a board without busting my **** all over the place. i've tried. ;-;
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