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Recent content by youssef20138

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    Gurren Laggan discussion

    This is probaply the best anime out there. It has a great storyline, and it practically shows you that you should always try things even though the odds are against you. That 1% can be as good as 100% if you set your mind to it.
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    Team Plans in General

    Going to make Golds team (manga)
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    I just hope they keep it up instead of taking a long time break half way through.
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    What anime series are you currently watching?

    Planning on watching Code Geass after friends recommended it. Feel like I am gonna get dissapointed, though.
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    Are you choosing the male or the female trainer? Marina or the new girl?

    I want Crystal back D:, she was the best pokemon catcher ever.
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread

    Some new scans and translations came out for chapter 542.
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    Top 10 Favourite Anime Characters

    1: Kamina - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 2: Simon - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 3: Vegeta - Dragonball Z 4: Teen Gohan - Dragonball Z 5: Zoro - One Piece 6: Roy Mustang - Full Metal Alchemist 7: Viral - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 8: Sanji - One Piece 9: Nagasumi Michishio - Seto no Hanayome 10: Kei...
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    Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

    I usually wait for the EU releases, but since I've been waiting so long for this I might actually import it. As for which game I'll import, Gintama.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    I'll choose Chikorita for once, I always disliked Chikorita in Silver, so just for the lols try and see how much has changed since that time.
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    What will you do differently?

    I am planning on using Golds team (the manga) for it.
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    Dragon Ball Z to be redone in HD

    That was fan made adn isnt the original work of Akira Toriyama. Kid has great drawing skills though.
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    Dragon Ball Z to be redone in HD

    The actual reason I said its one of the greatest in history is because DBZ was one of the main reasons people watch anime.
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    2009 Spring Anime

    Looking forward to FMA, manga was great wish they did the same with Shaman King. Looking forward to Tsubasa aswell.
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    Dragon Ball Z to be redone in HD

    Well seeing as DB was one of the greatest Anime's in history I wouldnt be suprised to see it on tv again. I did wonder why they stopped showing it.
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    Pokemon Fans 18+ from the 90's

    I actually got into the pokemon due to the anime I now hate. After that I had some friends who owned the pokemon games Red & Blue but werent really good at the english language. At my age I knew alittle English so they would often come to me and ask me a couple of questions and in return I...