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  • You're welcome! I'm happy you liked it; I was rushing since I had final exams about a week before my deadline, so I'm sorry for any mistakes--especially using the forum code for italics instead of actually putting it in italics >_< But you're very welcome; the story was a lot of fun to write, and I'm happy that I was able to bring a smile to someone's face this Christmas! Thanks, and Happy New Year!!
    I can hardly believe you wrote the story within a few days. You seriously blew my mind and made my Christmas morning, so thank you sooooooo much for it. I'm still giddy over it X3.
    Terribly sorry about this! I've checked our inbox, and it looks like we have your sign-up sheet A-OK. But! You're among the writers whose assignment is being handled by the other mod (as mentioned here), so your assignment should be in by tomorrow. On the positive side, you'll have an extension on your deadline by default to make up for the delay.

    Sorry again about that!
    Hey, been a while since I've done anything on BOSS, I'll admit that.
    But there's been a lot of stuff going on.
    This week I will make a post though. And I was wondering if you'd be able to return as well. Just grabbing our missing folk.
    I realize I've needed to make an update for you to progress, so I'll be fixing that shortly.
    Hi there! I'm sorry if this is a bit sudden and it's alright if you don't respond to me at all, but I had been browsing through RPer's profiles in the roleplaying forum, and yours had caught my eye. Now, I know the post is almost four years old and you probably don't have much of a desire to do it anymore, but if you are still interested in doing a Pokemon academy RP, I have an idea we could possibly collaborate on? Would you be interested?
    I should wait for others to update before having Diego roam around the castle? Also, more people drop off, eaiser for the rest of us XD.
    The bastardboss is making me check up on everyone to make sure they're still good for BOSS. He's finally updated, lol. Well, for everyone except the Tower/City Hall people but you're not one of them so not to worry. There's finally some traction, maybe.

    Ugh, I feel like his catspaw.

    (yes, I realise I'm copying and pasting this message for everyone but gimme a break, it's Monday tomorrow and I'm sad and I hate doing his dirty work)
    Yeah, both are good. Diego will try not to harm any of the Light or Belmont (mainly through escaping unless he has to defend himself.) Corrupting Diego will be diffifult because he chooses to be good for selfish and selfless reasons.
    All right. Give me some heads up if I start kinda overdoing it. Speaking of, what's your favorite incarnation of Dracula>

    Mine is Alucard from the Hellsing OVA
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