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Dec 4, 2015
Aug 22, 2012
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ysmr97 was last seen:
Dec 4, 2015
    1. R2J
      Do you have Skitty, Seel, or Delcatty on Black/White2?
    2. CGS
      Oh you'll love this, did the OU steel tourney. Got a PM during it lol This kinda stuff I find funny.

      Boo Gotswagg: haha
      Boo Gotswagg: I dominate Inferno Faction
      GL Extreme Fate: And you are?
      Boo Gotswagg: I battled Chapter of Charizard and 6-0 5 times
      Boo Gotswagg: wahaha
      GL Extreme Fate: Same as I :) Your point is?
      Boo Gotswagg: Inferno Faction is bad

      Boo Gotswagg: i smash u easy
      GL Extreme Fate: It's I'll not I, learn to spell kiddo :)
      Boo Gotswagg: doesn't matter hahaha
      Boo Gotswagg: i still 6ko smash u and the inferno faction
      GL Extreme Fate: Anyways enjoy your childish ranting. I have things to do
    3. CGS
      Just pm me when ready
    4. Klaus™
      Get your people to stop saying nilla clan hopped. Learn what clan hopping actually is before you start talking bad about another user, especially aince you guys keep going on about me when i trash talk you
    5. CGS
      You want a Tauros? I have a Lvl 1 free
    6. BugPokemonMaster316
      I have a few problems. My computer crashed so im stuck on my sisters ipad
    7. The Master Chief
      The Master Chief
      Yo, i wanna change my poke from b-kyurem to breloom
    8. Chapter
      edit ur post yo das mean
    9. The Last Jedi
      The Last Jedi
      Lol that's understandable, good luck with the tourney can't wait till it starts!
    10. CGS
      You owe me one battle!
    11. Minedreigon
      The below poster is right, giratina is uber. I noticed it too. He also applied for a gym, but 3 of the pokemon were uber.
    12. The Last Jedi
      The Last Jedi
      Hey bud sorry to bother you but I saw on your tourney you approved a giratina as a starter? Isn't that unfair to the rest of us?it is ou correct?
    13. ysmr97
      Now? Sure. King Kabutops, right?
    14. BugPokemonMaster316
      Sure, I can, but tomorrow. Since you won, can we battle now?
    15. R2J
      Shadow's wanting to battle you on PS
    16. BugPokemonMaster316
      You beat R2J, right?
    17. R2J
      Alright, your buddy Shadow has his own site now lol Look for GL Extreme Fate on PS
    18. ysmr97
      ok. i'm online.
    19. R2J
      Hmm have to do it on my brothers PS
    20. Nilla
      Want to have a battle on PS? :3
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