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Dec 4, 2015
Aug 22, 2012
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ysmr97 was last seen:
Dec 4, 2015
    1. Volcer
      Hey I edited my form to make my Pokemon Gengar can you change the OP or I can't change the pokemon?
    2. Klaus™
    3. Klaus™
      Your tourny seems pretty strongth
    4. Chapter
      IP. Now. Thank me.
    5. Klaus™
    6. Volts
      :D I was bored
    7. Volts
      Just letting you know that to take part in the tourney, you gotta go to the tourney page and sign up :)
    8. Klaus™

      1) Thats you and USA's convo lol

      2) I said that I was trolling you, not the other way around.


      Ok. Report me, i could really care less :) Obviously I can't have an intelligent conversation with you without you getting butthurt about it.
    9. Sparkbeat
      Was just looking at the TIF thread bc bored and thought I'd just drop by and clarify that Omastar is RU, not NU.
    10. Klaus™
      Finally you ought to know by now that he is continuing the insults for pure trolling purposes hence the more you give him attention the more he's going to give it out.
      It's true
    11. Usatoday
      Ok I am going to choose to keep playing the nice guy so yes you did bait him as you yourself initiated the conversation with the following,

      Yeah dude, as a member of the Inferno Fraction myself, you really disgusted and turned off all of us. And seeing as you have little power in your clan, idk what gives you the right to treat my friend that way.
      As you can clearly see yourself unless he pm'd you personally you initiated the conversation with him. Secondly keep in mind to get your facts straight I am a respected member of Team Enchanted Garden so plz do not yell at me about a clan I am not in :]. I am merely trying to prevent everyone from getting infractions as I don't see why we should be bickering with each other so heatedly honestly a forum in the corner of the internet just learn to ignore the tiny things especially on sub forums about pokemon games. Thirdly I am not thinking it's cool to harass random members about the forum if you read his profile I asked him to stop harassing COC. I approached you because I do not wish for you to start another feud with Klaus as he really is a nice guy once you get to know him. Finally you ought to know by now that he is continuing the insults for pure trolling purposes hence the more you give him attention the more he's going to give it out.
    12. Usatoday
      plz stop baiting Klaus ty
    13. Klaus™
      >actually responded to me lol
    14. Klaus™
      >gets a strike for posting oneliners
      >leader posts one liners
    15. Suhnny™
      hey what evs do you run on gorebyss.
      im just curious if my pelipper would have killed. :$
    16. Suhnny™
      im on ps.
      on as vows
    17. Suhnny™
      uh. anytime you want. we can do it now!
    18. Klaus™
      lmfao. he used arcanine. in rain. he's a terrible trainer. and no, that was the war with TBC IIRC.
      Regardless, I've seen replays of you guys battling Chapter of Charizard, for example did terrible against Bae in the war with TBC. Bae literally gave him 3-4 pokemon
    19. Klaus™
      you guys are terrible lel. you're one guy used arcanine. in rain. lmfao
    20. Klaus™
      well, when you guys lose every war you enter, I don't think it'll live long :]
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