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Dec 4, 2015
Aug 22, 2012
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ysmr97 was last seen:
Dec 4, 2015
    1. Klaus™
      lmfao he had no reasons. A mod had to approve his thread anyway, and a mod had to delete the currrent war. Like i told your leader, I wanted to get this war started because we were already scheduling our next war, and i was also trying to speed it up so CC could have at you as soon as possible. Not out of my own impatience, however much you may think so lol. And I fail to see how it hurts us in any way. IF is just gonna be a fail clan like pokeguard was. So in the end, it doesn't even matter.

      And I am a dick lol. I already know that. But i make no qualms about it.
    2. Klaus™

      im the war captain dude. It's my job to manage the wars. Dragon is just in charge of me. "little power lmfao" Your leader was being a little ***** and not submitting the thread for stupid reasons. Not my fault i called him out on it and now he's butthurt about it.
    3. Chapter
      Don't let Klaus taunt you bro
    4. CGS
      Thanks but gonna take more to keep us down
    5. CGS
      4 friends passed the 14th in a car wreck, since then I've had 10 family members including myself put in the hospital
    6. CGS
      Look on IF, last month has been hell on me. You can just have it
    7. CGS
      ehh why don't I just do this
    8. Nilla
      I will PS battle you, my name is "Nill".
    9. CGS
      Lil late then never COC
    10. Chapter
      OMG ur finally online again lol
    11. CGS
      Ah he's back
    12. MosuGoji
      Are you aware that nobody uses the NBA club anymore?
    13. HolyNova Lucario
      HolyNova Lucario
      Where the heck are you!! The guild is going to be disbanned!! We need you!!
    14. Chapter
      Chapter 20 is here (READ IT YOU INACTIVE SUM *****! ;)) and so is part 2!
    15. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      hey i am sorry abt the msg sent earlier......abt war...just ignore it...it was a msg...!
    16. Kingothestone
      2 things:

      1: Apologies about mr EmeraldGoblin asking you to war. Apparently he didn't understand when I told him I asked you guys less than a week ago.

      2: I'm running a tournament over in the tournaments section. If you or any of your members are interested, feel free to sign up :)
    17. EmeraldGoblin
      do you want to war CC? :)
    18. ysmr97
      Ok ok I understand. Chill dude
    19. Savanny Killersaurus
      Savanny Killersaurus
      Nothing wa happening in the guild. The tournament wasn't going anywhere fast and most of the members were never on to battle. I joined a guild to battle and participate in activities. Pokeguard just didn't offer that often enough for me.
    20. Savanny Killersaurus
      Savanny Killersaurus
      Excuse me, but "uncalled for"? I have a right to leave if I want to. And putting down my actions doesn't sit well with me.
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