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  • heeey, it's been a while! I understand you've been busy... but I miss talking with you ^^;
    你 好。
    hello kagie^^
    So have you ever heard the " Spinning song"?
    [ I have been studing both Chinese and Japanese cultures, the latter being my next language to learn.
    And that song came up, I think its very pretty]
    [ I am very sorry for the long wait but am happy to say that your ferroseed is ready and I can trade on Sat or Sun night.
    I was trying to get shinies but Its ready.^^ ]
    Hey Kagkie ^.^
    Yeah I know but I need some time before the trade cause I'm breeding a suprise for you ( hopefully in time ) for xmas ( 2 days until I get Sun then I can work on there too. ^.^ )
    How have you been though lately?
    and then I tried to send you a request, but you must have sent one at the same time and so it failed. They really need to make it so if you send a request at the same time as someone else it automatically goes through...
    I meant the success rate for another pokemon to appear seems to be around 60%, but calling in the first place does seem like maybe 90-95% when 1HP and adrenalined.

    I have been wondering if it takes less time to get a 4IV than I've been doing, but I don't want to try any less time just in case I fail since it takes so long. Better safe than sorry :p And with 12 minutes getting me a 2IV, that's a decent estimate right there. Maybe 25-30 minutes would work.
    overall, though, thinking about it, what would probably be most effective and easy would be, if you're relatively consistent with pressing A (regularizing the turn to time relationship), to figure out about how much time it takes for 40 dittos to go by (with one or a small handfull of trials), and then use that as your time benchmark, with perhaps a tiny bit extra for a safety margin. 'Cause it could be that it's actually far less time than you've been doing...
    I feel like the call rate might be a bit more than 60% when 1HP and adrenalined, it seems to call more often than not, but idk.

    If someone ever did do over-the-top calculations, though, I'd be curious to see the results...
    LOL I guess I got too technical xD but I do wonder what the call success rate is, which shouldn't be TOO hard to figure out, but then that would require paying attention and defeat the purpose of the Memento method. :p

    gah, forgot it takes 2 turns for a ditto to faint. I know it's not the turns that matter so I was being generous while taking my estimated ~60% call success rate into account.
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