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Dec 5, 2017
Jul 13, 2016
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off in space (staring)
大学生 (college student)

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faerie dragon ghost, from off in space (staring)

yumenokage was last seen:
Dec 5, 2017
    1. Daisukereds
      Have you seen "Game Grammar" in YouTube? I was also thinking of doing a run of Sun/Moon in Japanese at some point. These guys are playing Green Leaf, and go through every sentence! Quite interesting. There are also pages where they list all Attack/Moves in all available languages. So, even if you don't enable Kanji in it, most sentences have spaces in them so it's rather easy.I've always wondered.. is it "better" to learn to speak first and THEN learn Kanji (or learn them bit by bit, but not hand in hand with grammar and normal sentences), or to go slowly and learn everyday usage words and their Kanji? I mean, as long as you have furigana, you can go through all sentences and learn words and meaning and stuff (I too would love a Kanji + Furigana option). I mean, as long as we keep at it, we'll learn someday by repetition and getting used to it :) Also, using Hiragana/Katakana for nicknames, quite a good idea to get used to them. I'm still a very slow reader :T

      So, you are from the US, I assume. I'm from Costa Rica! If you ever need a Spanish native for translations or anything, I'm your guy :)
    2. Daisukereds
      Hey Yume,
      Since you seem to have an interest in linguistics, I kind of wanted to ask about which languages you speak. We were discussing Z-Moves in other languages.. Do you, by chance, speak Spanish? We found Snorlax's Z-Move being "arrojo intempestivo" and have no idea what it is.. I speak spanish from Latin America, but this seems to be a Spain translation. Aaanyway.. I'll keep you in mind for some Japanese translations, as I'm learning as well and would be good to compare :)
    3. Scherzando
      Yeah I get how cloning creates shiny inflation :o
      Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are to have Sylveon as a favorite. :P When I first saw it, I never thought I'd end up liking it lol.
      Dark/Fairy is my most wanted type combination, actually! And that would be a good idea to reference "old-fashioned" fairies instead of overly cute ones. I just looked up the seely vs. unseely fairies and it's making me want a pokemon that's based on those fairies you'd have to be watchful of when walking around a forest at night... :3
    4. Scherzando
      (whoops, and of course I posted the reply on my own page again lol)
      It's hard for me to say how unfair cloning is. They did they work in the first place to get that perfect shiny, but then... hm... I don't know. What I really don't like is when people were battling on WiFi with Contrary Serperiors before the HA was legit, or worse, Spiritombs/Sableyes with Wonder Guard in 5th gen. They know they're going to win so the only thing that accomplishes is frustrating people.
      I liked doing texture hacks in Super Smash Bros Brawl because that was purely aesthetic. It doesn't affect gameplay or make it unfair, plus I worked hard to design those costumes as a bit of harmless customization. I would never hack a Pokemon game because you're right, it devalues all the work we do as breeders.
    5. Scherzando
      I thought about that too, where you should be able to select a certain Pokemon and see all the people requesting it and make trades that way. I have a ton of spares of many different species and I never know what I want in return.
      Something they definitely need to improve on is not letting hacks on the GTS. Sometimes I get really great Pokemon and then I can't help but wonder, even if it could be totally fine. I did for sure get a hacked Fennekin in a Dream Ball a couple years ago so I released it. I'm surprised the GTS couldn't tell since Fennekin can't be in a dream ball to begin with. I'd hate to deposit a pokemon into Bank that I don't know is hacked and then get banned for no fault of my own.
    6. Scherzando
      Okay, I'll be happy to take a leftover Japanese Eevee lol. 6iv isn't totally necessary if you don't get a spare but thanks :D
      I really didn't like Sylveon at first but I guess two years later, it's grown on me. I agree about most shiny Eeveelutions looking... like they could be better. I don't like neon green Espeon XD Shiny Umbreon is probably my favorite though and I prefer it to normal Umbreon. I kinda like shiny Jolteon just because it's not overly bright.
      Anyways, hope you get that Munchlax soon. It seems like you've been waiting forever!
      There are a ton of ways they can improve the GTS. Let us see its nature, ability, and pokeball, for starters... maybe moves too. Tons of people lie about it and basically scam you out of good pokemon. I lost one of my japanese male honedges a while back, but then you came to the rescue and gave me a better one :D
    7. Scherzando
      Oh yeah, one more request... do you have any male 5iv-attack Eevees sitting around? I've been wanting to MM one forever. I won't get around to it until I have shiny Litwick, Gligar, and Honedge, but I like to be ready.
    8. Earendil
      Sure! I'd be happy to send one over to you.

      What time zone are you in? It would be fine with me if we worked out a mutually agreeable trading-time.
    9. Scherzando
      Yep, Lampent evolves with a Dusk Stone. And yeah it bugs me too when people don't like inanimate object pokemon just because they're not some kind of animal. Ghostly inanimate objects are a part of Japan's culture.
      omg YES Gengar is cute :D People who say it's creepy are huge wimps.
      Hahaha, shiny Alolan Ninetales being light yellow would be super fun to mess with people's heads! Maybe they will have alolan ice Rapidash, but I can't see them changing the normal shiny's color back to blue. :( The gray is unfitting - when would you see gray fire anyway?
    10. Scherzando
      Thanks! :D I did the same with the shiny Dratini from White 2. Shiny Dragonite is okay but they didn't give it Marvel Scale or Extreme Speed so, meh :P
      Unfortunately I don't have a Heavy ball Munchlax :/ There's only Snorlax in the game, so someone would've had to reset for/get lucky finding a female and specifically catch it in that ball. Kind of a tall order so good luck finding one!
      I agree about the stone evolution learnsets too. Litwick is the same way so I have to choose really carefully. That's why I just have multiple Chandelures, so then I can have a few different movesets and not worry about changing one later. You can have a Ninetales duo, one yellow and one light blue, each with unique moves! ;D
    11. Scherzando
      Awesome, congrats! :D And yeah, I got my shiny Gastly a few days ago. I want to train him up before my next hunt, which'll be for a shiny Litwick. Are you going for another shiny next?
    12. Scherzando
      Oh, I see what you mean about the equation. I'll figure it out.
      And oh noes! D: That is the worst. I hope you get your shiny soon because of that!
    13. Scherzando
      EWW MATH!
      I didn't know the equation but I keep hearing that the most widely accepted shiny chance with masuda+shiny charm is 1/512.
    14. yumenokage
      Apparently, the equation for calculating whether a shiny will show up at least once in x number of tries is 1-((n-1)/n)^x, where n is the value as in "there is a 1/n chance that any one pokemon will be shiny". I'm not sure if anyone knows the exact value of n when using masuda+shiny-charm, though, and have seen estimates in the 400s-600s when I tried to look it up.
    15. Scherzando
      Ah, that'd be such a cool mechanic! I just heard of a MM hunt going over 5,000, now that's insane. I was almost about to give up but seeing that motivated me to keep going.
    16. Scherzando
      Hahaha, well, have fun trolling your sis :P I got a serene grace/thunder wave/air slash Togekiss just to troll the Battle Maison's frequent stall teams. Haven't been able to try him out yet because SHINY GASTLY HUNT. I was not expecting 778 eggs and counting ._. I hope this means my next shiny hunts will be faster!
    17. Scherzando
      Thanks a lot for the trade! :D I'm hoping this MM hunt will be over soon so I can hurry up and breed all these cool pokemon I'm getting XD
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    大学生 (college student)
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