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Last Activity:
Dec 5, 2017
Jul 13, 2016
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off in space (staring)
大学生 (college student)

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faerie dragon ghost, from off in space (staring)

yumenokage was last seen:
Dec 5, 2017
    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Monday works if sunday is no good either.
    2. Scherzando
      UPDATE: I counted the dittos after finding an imposter one, and another appeared after three. So no, HAs don't appear in multiples of 5. It just took so long before that it felt like 5 had gone by :P

      I use poke pelago to EV train a little. I also spent 300,000 pokedollars on vitamins... ^^; and I have some useful facilities in the festival plaza that really help. two bouncy houses, one of which has three stars and features a shiny drifblim, and a cafe that gives pretty good EVs. I've been training with pokerus on very low level pokemon so they don't gain too much exp at once.
    3. Scherzando
      haha yeah. my dad calls me a ninja because I'm always silently lurking around the house and accidentally scaring him. XD
    4. Scherzando
      Yep! How'd you mess up the chain though?
      I bred some Littens (as you saw) and I'm raising one for the dex. I decided to EV train it just because, so for my next ditto hunt, I'll be including it in my party with the exp share on so it gets lots of HP EVs. :D my litwick was gaining like +6 HP every level up. XD
    5. Scherzando
      Well the move deleter is found early on if that's what you need. Hau'oli city pokemon center :)
      You'd just have to hope a shiny one doesn't have imposter D: and as for HA in multiples of 5, that's what I heard from two different sources and it really seemed like that was the case when I did it. I'm not saying it's true, but personal experience tells me it may very well be.
    6. Scherzando
      That's a nice website too! I played around with some typings I would want to see, like fire/ice, dark/fairy, etc lol.

      I really don't like comparing pokemon for the sake of competition because I believe people should use what pokemon they like, but... Serperior and Lurantis have too much in common. Same type, same HA, similar HP/Def/SpAtk/SpDef base stats, similar special movepool... I kinda wish Lurantis was a pure Bug type, or Bug/something else and got a physical stat-lowering signature move.

      I just tried that Ditto chaining method and I got a 4IV Ditto after about 35 minutes! It has both max attack and sp attack, which... kinda bugs me XD It's basically 3IV in that regard. I had planned to get at least two Dittos anyway. I'm going to try to get an Imposter Ditto next. I came across 3 or 4 of em in the process, and it did seem like it was every 5 dittos that had it. if you want Imposter, you just have to switch out your memento litwick if you anticipate an HA ditto will come next. otherwise it'll become litwick right away and you won't have time to switch out AND KO the original ditto before it mementos itself.
    7. Scherzando
      Ooh that's a useful website.
      I was thinking about Serperior, who usually runs HP Fire to deal with steel types. I always wanted one with HP Rock to hit Talonflame on the switch, among others since Rock has such good coverage, but then it can't hit steel types too well (though I did come close to OHKOing Steven's Mega Metagross with Giga Drain after 3 Leaf Storms). Lurantis gets Fire Weather Ball AND HP Rock so... it's not much of an edge over Serperior, but it's something.
    8. Scherzando
      Hmm yeah, Lurantis only gets Hidden Power and Weather Ball as its other good special moves... HP could be Rock to take care of bug, flying, and fire types it's weak to, and if you're in the sun you could get Fire-type weather ball to take care of bug and steel types. the fourth move, besides Leaf Storm, could be Giga Drain to heal since it gets decent bulk.
    9. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Hey im ready to trade now :)
    10. Scherzando
      I've kinda been doing that with stone evolutions; mostly water for water, fire for fire, etc for those people who only have/want to use up one stone.

      anytime! now off to the GTS I go :P
    11. Scherzando
      haha yeah, I should do the same with my electivire and all those people asking for one and have an electabuzz holding an electirizer.
    12. Scherzando
      They're done being tutored. getting back online again!
    13. Scherzando
      oh yeah, forgot about that, haha sorry. getting online again.
    14. Scherzando
      thank yoouuu :3 lol sometimes I see a glitch where it says "I'm going to offer Egg for trade" but it shows a different pokemon.
    15. Scherzando
      all righty, I'll be waiting in the plaza when you're ready.
    16. Scherzando
      Sorry I missed you T_T but I can get online now if you're able to trade.
    17. Gova730
      I tried to upload a pic, but I think my moon minior is blue core
    18. Scherzando
      Oh cool, thanks for getting me a female salandit!

      I like Berserk on Drampa because it's unique and I can see how dangerous it could become after that boost.

      Do you need Leppa Berries? I planted a bunch on Poke Pelago and ended up with 40, lol.
    19. Scherzando
      I'd like a moon ball salandit and indigo moon minior for the smeargle and litwick :3 I would ask for friend ball mimikyu but I'm already set to trade Lord Fighting for one... that he got from you, I'm guessing.
      And sure, I can help with tutoring Gyarados if you need it. If you have a Dhelmise, Persian, or Hypno, I can also teach it switcheroo for you.
    20. Scherzando
      I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're planning with that :D The walking mechanic was probably what made Gallade my favorite pokemon. All the times Scherzy and I hung out... XD he was just so incredibly cute, the way he'd snuggle up to me.

      Yep, Ditto can call for help like any other pokemon. After about 45 minutes, you'll end up with the max 4IVs on it. Here's the process. You will need:
      -Smeargle with ONLY Recycle (which I can provide; I caught extras)
      -Litwick with ONLY Memento (which I can provide; I bred extras of these as well :P)
      -Pokemon with Switcheroo holding a Leppa Berry (all pokemon that learn it need the Move Reminder+heart scale)
      -High level pokemon with False Swipe

      Step 1: Send out Smeargle and let Ditto transform into Smeargle. use an adrenaline orb
      Step 2: Switch to your Switcheroo pokemon and give Ditto the Leppa Berry
      Step 3: Switch to your False Swipe pokemon and bring Ditto to 1 HP
      Step 4: Switch to Litwick and keep using adrenaline orbs. it'll take up a turn so you don't have to attack or stall, but no more orbs will be used up

      All summoned Dittos will continuously KO themselves with Memento as they transform into Litwick while the original Smeargle Ditto will recycle its Leppa Berry over and over and not use up any PP. just keep pressing A to go to your bag and use adrenaline orbs.
      After enough Dittos have come and gone, KO the original Ditto and capture the (hopefully) 4IV one.

      It sounds a bit complicated but it's really not. I'll definitely be trying it out!
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    off in space (staring)
    大学生 (college student)
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    studying japanese; linguistics; anime; manga; fantasy and some sci-fi books


    MDT 3pm-6pm and after 8pm weekdays are generally good trading times​
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    "Gengar is cute. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." --yumenokage​