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Last Activity:
Dec 5, 2017
Jul 13, 2016
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off in space (staring)
大学生 (college student)

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faerie dragon ghost, from off in space (staring)

yumenokage was last seen:
Dec 5, 2017
    1. Nothingjustgo.
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      To clarify Im interested in:

      Beast ball magikarp, wimpod, vulpix
      Friend mimikyu and pichu
      Level mimikyu
      Moon Vulpix

      If you can see enough on my list then Id love to trade :)
    3. Steelcry
      Hey! I saw your post too and I could have sworn I sent you a msg lol its been a long day. Anyways, yes that would be awesome I'll take both happily! I'll send you a msg tomor- er later today! lol how in world did it get to be 6 in the morning o.O anywho I'll send you a msg when I've got your Mareanie ready ^_^

      Say what now about eevees? I new about the male passing the pokeball down but I still thought the mother had priority on ball and HA. Like it would take the ball, egg moves and HA from her if you breed with a male but if you had a male that had all that stuff but a normal female it would only bass down the egg moves. Did that make any since? Ugh maybe I'm too tried to explain my thoughts... I'm going to have to experiment with which takes priority the female or the male with the apricorn ball... NOPE! Not even going to try and just no, My brain hurts lol I'm going to bed I'll talk to you later good night! XD
    4. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Ah i'll leave that one then. Toxapex is more of a defensive mon anyway. I like beast magikarp though!

      Well whenever you're ready have a look through and let me know. I wont start breeding till we have this sorted :)
    5. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      I have beast gible, moon mimiki, love jangmo-o but I'm interested in all the others inc HA Mareanie! :)

      Would you be interested in anything else from my list?
    6. Scherzando
      On the GTS, you can click "options > don't include" to filter out people asking for legends, and then click the magnifying glass to narrow it further to see who's asking for pokemon you actually have. For the latter, you have to select it every time you search for a new pokemon, which I hope they patch because it's annoying. Why would I want to see offers from people asking for something I don't have? Huh, Game Freak? Why?? :P

      I was thinking how awesome and fitting it would be to have a Lunala in a Moon Ball... but the difficulty... ;_;
    7. Scherzando
      I'm realizing how lucky you've been with these wonder trades... either that or you just wonder trade a lot. ;P I traded at least a full box and the only special ball pokemon I got was also a Beast Ball Gible, but it didn't even have its HA. I already have one with its HA. Meanwhile on the GTS I've gotten at least a dozen nice apricorn ball pokemon. Just got a Love Ball Goomy today. ^_^
    8. Scherzando
      Thank you too! :D
    9. yumenokage
      thanks. ^_^
    10. yumenokage

      and i think it's always the same color, same as other forms and balls (well until now with the balls)
    11. Scherzando
      Are you online now? Sorry I'm late. Yeah the plaza makes it harder to trade...
      Good luck finding a moon ball minior though. is it possible to breed them and get different colors or are the offspring always the same color as the mother or something?
    12. Scherzando
      I hope you haven't already bred the naive abra D: turns out I had a leftover naive Eevee in my "for trade" boxes so I just evolved it into an Espeon real quick. Thanks for offering to do it for me though :3

      Jeeeeez that's one busy schedule O___O How are you at oral exams? Those always make me super nervous... I had to do one in my Japanese class at the end of the semester, one-on-one with the teacher. I did fine, but I was slow because I was nervous. I think I went over my 10 minute timeslot and held up the rest of the class a little bit. XD

      Ooo cookies. DEFINITELY better late than never :D I'm sure once he eats the cookies he'll forget all about how late they are lol.
    13. Scherzando
      haha I'm fine with all these extra Vulpixes. at least it gives me stuff to offer on the GTS/wonder trade.

      As for Riolu, Steadfast is fine :D

      I traded for an Alakazam on the GTS so I have it registered for the dex, but I could help evolve yours if you want. I have a ton of Synchronizers already in the form of Espeons and Umbreons. If you happen to have a Naive Abra, I'd like one since I traded my Naive Espeon for a Friend Ball Petilil on the GTS lol. I only needed Naive for Tapu Koko, so I thought I wouldn't need the Naive Sync anymore, but then I remembered Pheromosa benefits from Naive...
    14. DracosWulfgar
      Hi Kagkie have one freakin awesome day okay? ;)
    15. Scherzando
      After dozens of Vulpixes, I managed to breed you a Timid Moon HA Vulpix with Extrasensory, Moonblast, and Freeze-Dry! The best I could get was 3IV. I wish I had more pokemon to pass IVs down...
    16. Scherzando
      Yeah I heard that too! And you have to defeat Morimoto (I think that's his name?) in the Game Freak building for the Oval Charm, which is a little weird but okay. :P I just got it last night. My pokemon were mostly around the same level as his and it was pretty tough. The AI was scary good. I had my Mimikyu use Will-o-Wisp and it missed, so I tried again just as he switched to his Flash Fire Flareon. Like... did the AI know I was going to keep trying to use Will-o-Wisp???

      anyways... XD I'm trying to complete the dex as well, so I'm putting some apricorn ball breedjects on the GTS and asking for pokemon that are annoying to evolve. I'll also be breeding pokemon that you only seem to find the evolved form in the wild, like Gastrodon, so if you need anything let me know and we can do a touch trade.
    17. Scherzando
      Ooh congrats! That's quite a fitting name as well.

      I FINALLY caught a Bold Tapu Fini. Synchronize failed five times in a row >_< and each time it took like 25-30 dive balls @_@ But I got it, yay! Tapu Bulu is the last one I need, but I can't decide on a nature for it. I'm thinking either Impish or Careful if it'll have Swords Dance, OR Adamant if not since it has a lot of good moves and there might not be any room for Swords Dance.
    18. Scherzando
      I didn't know about natures then either... didn't really care until late 4th-5th gen. :P I just caught the birds once for the pokedex. This time I'm syncing natures for the Tapus because I really like them all and I want to use Tapu Koko on a team, and maybe Lele and Fini as well.

      Christmas bull XD That reminds me, someone said Bruxish's shiny form looks like a Christmas fish, and others say it looks like pizza lol.
    19. Scherzando
      I thought of that because for some reason I thought he had green on him. But when I saw that he's mostly red, I thought Repeat Ball (and I already spent 30,000 pokedollars on repeat balls lol).

      Jeez, Tapu Fini does NOT want to go quietly. Once I ran out of Dive Balls (and I started with 40...), and then another time it ran out of moves and KOd itself with struggle. Unfortunately it has Aqua Ring so I have to burn it to keep its health down, and it's not a strong enough status condition to make it easier to catch. I succeeded twice though, but both times Synchronize failed.

      Tapu Koko was easy to catch though. Just get a Sandygast and level it to 27 so it can learn hypnosis. There's nothing Koko can do to it because its only damaging moves are electric type. Both of Fini's moves are water type so I have a Water Absorb/Scald Vaporeon to burn it and heal off Nature's Madness damage.
    20. Scherzando
      Repeat Ball for Tapu Bulu maybe? Luxury would also fit but I want all four in different balls.
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    off in space (staring)
    大学生 (college student)
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