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Last Activity:
Dec 5, 2017
Jul 13, 2016
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off in space (staring)
大学生 (college student)

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faerie dragon ghost, from off in space (staring)

yumenokage was last seen:
Dec 5, 2017
    1. Scherzando
      I would guess that it would violate the species clause :/ Maaayyybe not, since alolan forms have different types and some have different stats, so it still allows for variation.

      I decided on a Luxury Ball for my future shiny Honedge MM. I had set up a female in a Repeat Ball because I thought the exit animation fit the best in 6th gen, even though I had always thought the Luxury Ball matched the outside best, while not liking the exit animation colors. Now that the Luxury Ball exit has gold sparkles, it works much better for a shiny Aegislash, so I'll be catching a new female parent.

      Okay then, no rush. :D I'm trying to catch the Tapus right now (working on Fini right now and then I'll only need Bulu) so I'll breed you a Vulpix after that. I caught Koko in a Luxury Ball and I love him to pieces ;_; the animation with the gold sparkles looks like electricity coming off of him :3 I caught Lele in a Heal Ball, and I'm going for Fini in a Dive Ball. Haven't decided on Bulu's ball but I need to check his colors again first.
    2. DracosWulfgar
      No sorry, all of my jokes will be in english.
      Did you have a good day?
    3. yumenokage
      I was wondering if maybe you were trying to make a pun with いつ (itsu), the Japanese word for one...
    4. DracosWulfgar
      The dogs breed is a shitzu but it is suppose to sound like the zoo was, well you know, crappy.

      With that one you need to read it out loud to get it I guess.
    5. DracosWulfgar
      Hi yumenokage, how are you?
      I've been busy with a sudden explosion of life.
      I have been helping a new friend get over his depression, among other things. Did you like my joke?
    6. Scherzando
      Thanks, I'll do that to get some coins :D I just wonder traded a few pokemon (didn't get anything THAT good) but I forgot to collect the coins in the castle except from the last person. Oh well.

      lol, I'm the opposite and wish my hair would stay short because I have to get it cut a lot more often now. I know how you feel though; when I was little, my mom always had the hairdresser cut it like above shoulder-length and I preferred it long (at the time :P) so I wished it would grow faster.

      Oooh I'd love a Beast Ball Riolu for now. I'm trying to keep my collection small this time (we'll see how long that lasts). Anything from my list you want? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E7y0bi_rxwQbcHqU4UsAM3LtguTDE9p5qjjjdn7M00g/edit?usp=sharing hopefully it updated correctly this time...
    7. DracosWulfgar
      Sorry late, Yes I have a Christmas Break and a Summer break, Btw I have a joke for you.

      [ I went to the zoo the other day, it only had one dog, it was a shitzu ^.^]
    8. Scherzando
      I just got to the IV judge and wait til you see it. It's a million times easier! (btw the Mareanie you gave me was marked correctly.) I had to defeat Blue first, and my pokemon were a little underleveled (lv 61 vs. lv 65), but I beat him. I don't suggest battling Red, lol. His pokemon are level 70.

      That's a good way to do your hair then, lol. Mine was REALLY long before I got it cut, and I never did anything to it besides brushing it. I was really tired of the maintenance so I finally got it cut short and I don't regret it one bit. :3 As for makeup, I never bother with any either, even though I should at least do something about my acne scars :/

      Cool, thanks for the info! My plaza's not at level 10 yet so I can't order clothes, but I'll keep working on it.
    9. Scherzando
      Yeah that is pretty annoying... what I'm not liking is that certain colors are version-exclusive, and all the ones in Moon are weird shades that I don't like. I would have purple clothes but that shade of purple is too... indigo. Apparently you can unlock the other version's colors somehow, which I want to do because I like the shade of pink they have.

      And about hair, I think I mentioned this already but they never have any hairstyles that look like mine IRL. I have a fauxhawk xD and it's actually dark brown but I chose black because it looks good with any color.
    10. DracosWulfgar
      Hi sorry I've been very busy lately with school work chores and magic casting so Have a good day ^.^
    11. Scherzando
      Thanks! I haven't got to the IV judge yet either but I'll check when I do.
      I don't know if the requests were going through at first. I might have been requesting a trade at the same time you were, and it seems like it'll keep the other person waiting until it's automatically denied instead of going through to the trade. Not sure though.
    12. Scherzando
      Ewww I can imagine how annoying it would be to chain Corsola/Mareanie because of how Mareanie attacks Corsola. Totally forgot about Recover... and stat lowering moves UGHHH. I had tried chaining both Rockruff and Eevee (failed at both) and they have Sand Attack. Need I say more? :P

      I heard that too about HA chances but I can't confirm it myself. I just hope Serebii.net puts out a hidden ability guide soon.

      LOL, you're gonna think I'm weird... :P but do you know of the band Abney Park? I named my Sylveon after the singer, Robert Brown, aka Captain Robert (or "Capt. Robert" so it would fit the 12-character limit). I wouldn't say he's my actual crush but I'm very obsessed with his voice right now. XD
    13. DracosWulfgar
      I know watchya mean, I hate writing reports and essays for my mom but I just have a hard time concentrating on them, I do really good if I can concentrate on them long enough.
      Oh cool have fun for that.
      I've been busy during the day and emailing / helping others all night, plus work on breedin. I have set yours aside and started working on Charmanders, I have a couple but I need to get a new cute charmer because I gave mine away to help Kawaii with her national dex so... Anyways Have a great time tomorrow^.^
    14. Scherzando
      As for my Eevee egg, I was a bit disappointed that the Eevee doesn't have its HA/egg moves/a cool poke ball or anything, BUT then I remembered I still needed a male Cute Charmer to get more females in specific pokeballs (females are still preferred so you can pass egg moves on more easily). So... he is now a Sylveon. What's funny is that I nicknamed him after my extremely manly celeb crush and it makes no sense. :P It's hilarious because it's ironic. Yay for weird joke nicknames!
      I tried getting some abras with synchronize, but they all had inner focus. well, I guess it would be worth it to keep trying so I can chain some dittos for 4IVs.
      You have to get a chain of 40?? I think I got to about 15-20 once time and that was when the pokemon KOd itself with struggle... I'll probably need a pokemon with Heal Pulse. But then that will probably run out of PP too, lol.
      Ooh that's a cool trick for the daycare I didn't know about. Thanks, I'll try that!
      Have fun writing your paper x.x I have a lot of spare moon ball mimikyus if you want one as your reward :D
    15. DracosWulfgar
      How are you Kageki ^.^ ?
    16. Scherzando
      btw did you get to the pokemon nursery and pick up the free egg yet? oh the irony... you're probably like NOOO NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!
    17. Scherzando
      One of each apricorn ball is pretty annoying, especially when you're indecisive about it, but I've been able to trade for several apricorn pokemon here on the forums and on the GTS, so they won't be too rare in due time. Having more balls available through global link minigames sounds fun though!
      I'm thinking the same thing with Mareanie right now, where both Merciless and Regenerator are good abilities, so I'll get one of each as well.
      Friend ball Mimikyu does sound really cute. Hardly anybody is breeding IVs right now, or even natures (unless you get lucky; the first Ditto I caught was Jolly), so it'd be worth it to pick one up and breed IVs onto it later when bank becomes available.
      I never thought of that with pokeball inheritance when you're MMing, but I'm sure it won't be TOO hard to do.
      Unfortunately there's no way to get 7th gen starters in any other pokeball right now. It seems like they won't be available to catch in other balls for a long time, if ever... but I'm going to keep my moon ball for a rowlet just in case.
      For friends to show up online, you have to go to Festival Plaza and make sure you're connected to the internet (local wireless is default and sometimes I forget to connect online). Click trade, and friends registered on your list will appear first, or at least have "friend" in blue written next to them... or something like that.
      Oooh I'd love a destiny knot :3
    18. Scherzando
      Hey there, how's your S/M playthrough been going? I'm wondering what you plan to use your apricorn balls on, and if you have any apricorn pokemon yet. I'll have to make a list of mine soon.

      Meanwhile, hidden abilities are proving to be... pretty darn hidden. I tried chaining Eevees for a HA Love Ball and it went on until the original Eevee KO'd itself with Struggle. Have you managed to find any HAs?

      It's been confirmed that you can breed a female HA with a male that's in the pokeball you want, and the pokeball has a chance of being passed down! But only if they're the same species. At least for Eevee, I guess I don't have to find the HA and just catch a regular male in a Love Ball, and then I can breed the HA+Love Ball combo when Bank becomes available.
    19. DracosWulfgar
      Happy thanksgiving
    20. DracosWulfgar
      Yup Yup, I try to find something to annoy people with ( Its how I show that I care to friends and family)
      { Arches an Eyebrow back } Cool, depending on whether or not I was doing before determines my break ( xmas however after two weeks in Dec. we are given a break until after my b-day ) and yeah I am getting there on your pkmn and after that I get started on charmander for ya.
      Lately I haven't done any school work because my whole family got sick so I've been a little nurse helping out and stuff( all I got was a cough and sore throat and it was gone after two to three days, but its been kicking everyone else's butts ) So its been easier to work on pkmn at night but harder during the day.
      I just got a ton of new pkmn that probably have no speed iv so be ready for it.( Sorry for taking long )

      [ I have a joke for you, though you might think I am sick boy ^.^

      The seven dwarves were sitting in a hot tub feeling happy, So Happy got out and left.

      [aint I a stinker]
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    off in space (staring)
    大学生 (college student)
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    studying japanese; linguistics; anime; manga; fantasy and some sci-fi books


    MDT 3pm-6pm and after 8pm weekdays are generally good trading times​
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