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  • OOOOH I love the new poke ball animations! 8D Well, most of them - I wish they hadn't changed so many colors so drastically, like Premier Ball being yellow now. This means I'll have to rethink some poke balls if I'm going to breed and then transfer the pokemon, and certain ones I've already bred will have to stay behind in 6th gen...
    Dusk ball is probably my favorite now. Remember how cool it looked in 4th/5th gen? I didn't like it in 6th gen; I thought it could've looked way cooler, and now it does! I love the galaxy/night sky effect.

    Yeah, I'd definitely go with dream ball for espeon. I have a few spare female DWHA eevees, timid and 4IV so at least breeding won't be so difficult for ya. Luxury Ball for unevolved Eevee now seems better than the Timer Ball as well.

    I love that all the apricorn balls have their own animations, finally! I dunno if this necessarily means apricorn balls are back, but why not? It's about time we're able to have formerly illegal combos legal now, like apricorns after 4th gen with HAs (cougheeveecough), and that shiny HA moon ball Gallade I want someday :3 Speaking of which... if Ralts will be a future MM project for you, I'll be needing a japanese ralts too lol. Would you trade my dream ball HA eevee for a male 5IV-spattack Ralts? I just hope they retained the mechanic of the female passing down the ball...
    If you could get it to evolve into vivilion at least that would be sufficient thanks :)

    Well I will wait until you have decided then :)
    Greetings from the Netherlands. My favourite Ghost-type is Gengar as well. In fact, i have two shiny Gengar. One was caught in Platinum 6 years ago, the other received at an event 2 years ago. What moves does your Gengar know? :)
    Sorry I read it as that it was 2 different patterns but now I see its just the one. Apologies. :p

    But yh if you can I'd like it fully evolved (ev trained?) Please :)
    So I am working on your ferroseed and like out of the first seven eggs 3 were girls so I don't think I will have a hard time with it.
    The Froakie you wanted is ready for trade however the ferroseed isn't.
    I am online sometimes around 4 to 5 during the day, 8:30 to 11:30 at night.
    Blond popplio3 works though, lol, as does the tan surfer dugtrio :p Kinda seems like it should've been tanner to begin with instead of as its shiny form.
    I kinda like shiny Jangmo-o, but it (and its evos especially) could've been so much better... it's like the developers just pick any random colors to go together and that's the shiny. :/

    I'm definitely not as prepared as you are, lol. I know I'll be continuing to breed for shinies in AS because of the shiny charm there, while competitives will be bred in Moon. I was also thinking of replaying Y in some other language at some point.

    YEEEAAAH the Nintendo Switch looks awesome! I hope I can afford it on launch ;_; It may be best to wait anyways because I NEED to save up for a new laptop for my work first.
    Female on both please. No nn required. Can I get both fully evolved already please? I've already got enough lv.1s that need training :3
    Oh wow, thanks for that! Shiny Rowlet3, GET ON MY TEAM NOW.
    I like how the black Palossand references the black sands of Hawaii.
    It does remind me a lot of Mawile too, and poison/fairy would be perfect for it! Also we need more unique type combos.

    I didn't see rowlet3's shiny. What color is it (or where can I find all the shiny models)? Someone on the shiny thread said it should be white with black spots on its wings like a snowy owl or a barn owl, which I would love. Snowy archer!

    If you want a cloner, I'd suggest Road, whom I've seen agree to not redistribute if asked.
    lol, oh Game Freak... no wonder it took so long to download.
    I finally caved and took a look at the pictures :eek: I'm also surprised at how little new stuff there was, but I am excited to hear more about what IS new.
    That new surfer dude alolan form is pretty funny.
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