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  • Nope, I haven't... I'm debating whether or not to look. But wow, they actually found shiny images? Did they find ALL shiny pokemon colorations?
    Have you seen the datamine stuff? I was going to squee, but then I saw how little new stuff we're getting... i must say I'm disappointed... but at least shiny day lyncanroc is cool, i suppose...
    Okay, I'm here if you can still trade.

    I thiiink... I don't really mind spoilers and I'm curious to see what people might find. I wouldn't want the datamine to reveal a TON of stuff and spoil everyone's fun though.
    I traded the Vulpix to Lord Fighting so come get your Ralts whenever you see me online :D

    My real life stuff is fun at least. Yours... eek. Hang in there though; I'm sure you'll get through it just fine.

    I've never hosted a real party. This is just more like us hanging out at my house as usual but we'll have halloween-themed snacks and a few decorations lol.

    Alsoooo... SUN/MOON DEMO TOMORROW!!! I gotta get some major work done on my costume before that consumes me :p
    No problem :D You might've seen the message I left to Lord Fighting, but I let him know I have the Vulpix for whenever he's next online.

    I HOPE I get my shiny soon! I've been working on real life stuff and haven't bred much lately, but I'll get back to it eventually. I'm hoping it won't go over 1,000 this time lol.

    Ack sorry, I couldn't get Volcanion the other day because I was Halloween shopping with friends and we kinda had to make it quick, and Gamestop was out of our way. I am determined to get it, though!
    Those aforementioned friends are going to come over for a small Halloween costume party I'll be hosting - and when I say small, I mean it'll probably be just us three. XD Oh yeah, can't wait to get that discount candy afterwards too!
    Thanks for being willing to help with the trade. I finished catching eevees for pokeballs, and now have just 3 or 4 more boxes to sort. I'm going to be pretty busy this week, though, so you might just finish your current MM before I start my next one! Have you been able to obtain volcanion? And what are you planning on for halloween? I remember you said something about going shopping for it. I don't really have any particular plans for it myself (other than perhaps getting discount candy afterwards...).
    I'll be online until late at night, like around 3 am (PDT/MDT, close enough) if you wanna send me the Vulpix at any time today until then.
    I'm afraid I wasn't around then :p I'll be around for the next few hours today if you want to trade today.
    You messaged me at 6am my time :/
    We keep missing each other lol.
    Zeki said she didn't mind helping so if you could pass vulpix on to her that would be the best thing to do I think :)
    Oh, at first when I was reading that I thought you were gonna say you found another shiny eevee in the safari. XD

    I understand why you wouldn't make a giveaway thread when you have a trade shop. I just don't have many pokemon I want in return and I've been paranoid about possibly getting hacked pokemon through wonder trade, so I figured a giveaway thread would be best for me. I'd rather give the gastlys to people who really want to use them than to a random person who will just trade it again or box it forever.

    Also I'm fine with helping out with the trade if you and Lord Fighting can't catch each other online.
    Hmm well my next day off isn't until friday so I think it will be easier to trade if we just use zeki since are timezones and schedules are far apart :/.

    Are you okay to just trade it zeki and we'll do it that way? Otherwise I don't know when we will trade.
    You're marking them all at once? :eek: I procrastinated on my Gastly boxes for a while but they're all marked now. Just in time because my Giveaway thread was finally approved :D
    We have a 7hr difference by the looks of it :eek:

    I'm in England, I'm guessing you're quite far west in america somewhere?

    Yh i generally finish work 4pm my time so thats like 9am your time? I don't know if thats any good.

    I do have monday off though so 3pm your time would work for me then.
    Woooo congrats! How many eggs did that one take? I'm still under 500 on Gligar; I haven't been hunting for a while but I was hoping to get it at the same time as you lol. What's next for you? Besides... sorting boxes D:
    I guess you could always trade it to zeki then I trade ralts to her if your time zones are more convienient.
    Sorry I was hoping you would be on earlier than that :/
    It was almost 2am my time when you posted. Is there any chance you get on a few hours earlier?
    I always liked Jangmo-o, and when I first saw it I thought it looked like one of those little weak dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. I'm glad it evolves into something cool.
    lol, maybe Tsareena will grow on you after a while. I really like both of Bounsweet's evolutions but maybe not enough to raise a competitive one. Silvally is indeed weird that way; it seems like it should've been a permanent form change or something instead of an evolution.
    Yeah I came online and was like "is it the 14th already??" I like the designs too -- but what about the cries? I want a Kommo-o now and I think, in addition to its vocal SFX, there should've been some metallic clanging on top of it. Is it weird to critique that? :p
    I also like how Silvally is a mini-Arceus/Genesect so those of us who don't use ubers or event legendaries can try that mechanic out. I've never played around with that before and I'm looking forward to it now.
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