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  • That would be crazy... I also want my shiny Eevee to be male just because of the name I chose for it. I might even trade it if it ends up female, but I doubt that'll happen.

    Yeah I saw corocoro! But why are so many alolan forms dark type now?? Hawaii/Alola is supposed to be all happy beautiful paradise and yet a lot of the regional pokemon are turning evil. XD

    Aw dangit I went out and forgot to go to Gamestop. I checked and saw that the event runs until the 31st so I'll hopefully get it on Friday when I go Halloween shopping.
    Hi , Yumenokage
    Thanks for the friend code, I sent you a pm about my in game name today. If you could be my friend that would be awsome, anyways I play mostly at night okay. Thankyou again you're awsome.
    That's why it took so long... although jolteon actually went pretty quick, relatively speaking. Flareon I got over a box with no females, but I ended up with an extra shiny, so I suppose I can't complain, lol.

    You know what will be crazy? If my shiny eevee for umbreon hatches as female. It's one of the two eevees I really want to be male, so if it ended up female... on the one hand it would be really lucky and I suppose more valuable, but on the other it would be pretty frustrating. At that point I'd just stick with it, though.
    You're welcome! :D For some reason I wasn't expecting female eevees despite the names being feminine. That must've been tough/really lucky to get three 5-6IV females O_O

    I knew it was too good to be true. :p That would've been cool, but yeah at least we can trade parents over.
    It failed for me because I wanted my honedge to turn japanese when you hatch it :p But it will retain my english language and won't work for MMing. At least it'll still have the fancy hiragana nickname :p
    lol... when the egg came over, it had the JPN tag on it, and even hatched with the english name, it still has the JPN tag. My plan has been foiled...
    Yeah, I noticed that when trading in Y, it only displays the default poke ball no matter which ball it's in.
    Yep, I am. Let me get my 3DS. Are we just trading the eggs? I don't know about the honedge right now.
    Ok, good. I'm still inclined to believe that it'll display the language tag and count toward MMing, but I have no proof or prior experience with that, so don't believe me just yet.
    Whenever you're ready to hatch the eggs, just let me know. :D

    That's the main reason I'm not sure if GF would have version exclusive split evos, unless there would be a way to get the opposite exclusive starter. I wonder if Sun players will ever get to see Midnight Lycanroc in their game and vice versa, or if GF will give them out through an event like they did with Mega Charizard X/Y.
    Is the brave honedge male? But more importantly... if you gave it to me, would you want it back since I'd be leveling it up?

    LOL, byoe. I still want my honedge to have a hiragana nickname, but yeah you're right, I'm not sure it would work in MMing either and it would be pretty convoluted to test out. "well it took 4,000 eggs to get a shiny, guess it doesn't work after all!" It seems like a "too good to be true" kinda thing, but still, I think as long as it has the foreign language tag by its name, it should work.

    I'm just now realizing that "liften" is the fan-made/temporary name for the final evo (or translation of its japanese name? I forgot what it was). I thought people were misspelling litten's name lol. I don't know if I would want split evos for the starters, even though I don't like "liften" much either, but I guess I'm just old-fashioned. :I split evos WOULD be an interesting addition...
    Found a brave honedge in one of my bank boxes from the period when I was breeding on my english game without an everstone.

    For hatching eggs on other-language games, I'm not 100% sure exactly how that works, just that one should be able to nickname it when it hatches. I don't know if it will count as the language it hatches on, or the game it came from... if the former, it would be pretty convenient because then I could advertise willingness to help people with MMing stuff (because I know it can be frustrating to try and find something that'll work, and I like to help where I can) without actually having to breed something if I don't want to or if I don't want to have to be in constant communication with a frustrating user. byoe--bring your own egg. ;P

    For corocoro, I'm hoping for something on the secret of the starters... I'd really like split evos, since torracat is awesome but liften... just no.
    Ok, see ya then :D It's fine if you don't have one, though. I have more people I can go bother :p
    Oooh, I forgot about that. I wonder what corocoro will show this month.
    Ah ok :)
    I'm unintentionally MMing since I'm using your japanese honedge, but I'm hoping I DON'T get a shiny... maybe I should finish MMing Gligar first. I just got to a little over 400, so we're both pretty close.
    I'm thinking I want my future shiny honedge to be Brave (while my non-shiny is Quiet). I don't have any male mineral egg group pokemon with the nature though... would you happen to have some random male brave pokemon? I would only need to borrow it to pass on the nature and then give it back to you.
    By the way, how are you doing with the Faith/Hope/Charity trio? Right now I'm using that Honedge you gave me to try to get a non-shiny "6IV" Honedge with 31/31/31/31/31/0, and I'm thinking of doing the same kinda thing you are, where I'll give the egg to you to hatch so you can give it a nickname in hiragana. Then I'll use that "Japanese" Honedge to MM for a shiny later.
    lol yeah, I can picture Pikachu popping its balloons with an electric attack and divebombing its opponents.
    I think one time I saw an animation of a Doduo flapping its heads like wings to fly and it was the most hilarious thing to me :p
    Oh yeah, I remember that! The concept was that Pikachu had balloons tied around it and that's how it flew. Dunno how it struck its targets though...
    Yep, I got the Hoopa :D I check Serebii news daily, but I didn't pay attention to Volcanion because all I saw was stuff like "for those of you in Canada..." "In the UK and Spain..." "-insert a bazillion Finnish names here...-" BUT okay, yeah I see it now lol. The US date was listed last. Thanks for the reminder!
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