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  • yeah, sometimes I feel like it takes as much effort to mark the pokemon as it does to breed them...

    Oh, btw, if you didn't already know, the North American Hoopa second-chance event ends sunday, so if you haven't got it make sure to do that as soon as possible. Since you weren't aware of the volcanion, idk how often you look at the sites news, so just trying to be helpful since who knows when there'll be another distribution. :)
    You mean it would automatically mark IVs of 31? That would be nice because I remember it taking me like an hour to check and mark 3-4 boxes of Gastlys. Now I check the Gligars as I get them because I only have to check those that get the HA and it's easy to see what is definitely not 5IV based on its stats at level 1.
    alsoooo thanks for the eevee! :D now let's hope shiny Gligar pops up soon so Eevee can be next.
    ORAS has a replica of the Battle Maison so I guess the prize area would be the same. There's one on the right that has battle items, and the one on the left has evolutionary items (and I think vitamins too). I've scrolled through it before but I guess I just mentally blocked out the Razor items because I knew I had them already.
    That reminds me, I need to plant that Enigma Berry that came with the Darkrai...
    Jeeeez that's a lot of BP! XD I didn't know you could buy Razor Fangs from the Maison. I kept getting a ton of them from Mirage Spots in Alpha Sapphire when I was looking for the Flash Cannon TM.
    If you're here now, I can get online to trade.
    Cool, let me get my game and nickname the Gligar for you. I have an extra Razor Fang I'm not going to use if you need one.
    I'll have to see if someone I know wants to MM eevees as well.

    I didn't even know Volcanion was coming soon :eek: Sure, I can try to get a code for ya if they'll let me have more than one (or I can go to a different store lol). No guarantees, but I'll try my best!
    Oooooh that's awesome! No more people LYING about poke balls/natures/abilities and stuff! That will be cool for us bank ball/HA collectors. I must've traded for 20 female Froakies on the GTS, hoping for a Dive Ball Protean, but they were ALL in poke balls. I didn't get what I wanted until I came to the serebii forums to trade.
    I laughed when I saw Torracat's face compared to Hau's. I dunno if we'll be seeing those kinda teams but they're funny and they do make sense!
    I love Torracat, like a young tiger with a bell around its neck... :3 But yeah its final evo is just not my style. I would've easily picked Litten if not for that.
    I did see the starters! I'm glad we finally got to see them. Do you think they look like they'll evolve into the final evos in that chinese concept art leak? I do, especially considering the inside of Dartrix's wing looks like it has the same arrow design and colors as its supposed evolution. Brionne's white frilly shirt and mermaid tail match too.
    Wow, that picture lol.
    Okay then, that'd be cool :D I could also use it to breed for others in the huge Field egg group.
    A Gliscor for a bat team would be awesome too. Vampire bat scorpion! Would you want a male or female, 5IV or 6IV? I have a few of each and of course I'll be getting more. Oh, and I'll nickname it for you since you'll be using it competitively.

    Yeah there's always life issues... I'd say a month would be fair to wait.

    Hatching pokemon does add to the dexnav's counter thing, yes. It works on all wild pokemon you can encounter in that game, except legendaries obviously. It's a bit harder to use in caves and it's annoying when nothing shows up, but it's still very useful. I also LOVE it for EV training because you can select any pokemon you've already seen in the area and force an encounter with it instead of running around waiting for a certain pokemon to show up, and fleeing when it's not the one you need to battle.
    The dexnav depends on how many of a certain species you've seen. If you've seen a bunch (starting at around 15), HAs and egg moves (yes, egg moves on wild pokemon) are more common. It may take around 30 minutes if you're starting from scratch. It also marks "potential," so you can see how many IVs of 31 it has, which is useful when you're looking for a female breeder eevee that already has good IVs. 1-2 IVs are uncommon and 3+ are rare, plus if you're hoping for the HA and/or specific egg moves, it can sometimes take an hour or more to find.

    That's fine, go ahead and think about it and I can always tell my friend if you decide to trade. I have no idea if he'd have something you want though. It's just an option.

    Some trade shops have it in the rules that they only keep a pokemon for 2 weeks or however long (unless notified in advance that they will take longer). If the person doesn't get in touch soon enough, they had a fair warning beforehand.

    Oooh a 6IV female, that's pretty crazy lol. I'd be fine with a 5IV male missing attack if you happen to find one :D Would you like one of my Gligars for it? I got two 6IV males and a few 5IVs of both genders so far. Dream Ball, HA, Careful-natured. No egg moves because it doesn't get good ones anyway.
    Oh wow... so this shiny Eevee was accidental? That's... o_O good? XD It might be a bit of a risk to trade, yeah... but maybe you'll find someone you can trust that really wants to use it competitively. I have a friend who loves fire types and doesn't clone or hack, so maybe he'd have something you'd like to trade for it?

    In ORAS, you can use the dexnav to find Eevees with their HAs in the wild, so that's how I got mine. You just need a male Cute Charm pokemon to get more females to come and then you can catch it in whatever ball you want. Really handy.
    Ooh yeah, really looking forward to more customization too! Especially since I cut my hair short - REALLY short - and none of the hairstyles in X/Y came close to what I have so I just went with long hair like I used to have it. I hope they add more variation in the hairstyles. It's really cool that we'll be getting more hair/eye colors, especially unnatural ones lol.
    I noticed your icon on the PSS change clothes a few times too, so that's cool, I didn't know it was to match what you were breeding. I wish we could see other players' full-body outfits and share our own. Well, besides in PR videos.
    Haha, that's another thing I need to do too, as my boxes are getting really full. I'm considering moving all my bank balls and HA pokemon to Y, where I only have like 5 pokemon in each box at the most and around 7 empty boxes, but the only thing is that I don't have the oval charm there for when I need to breed pokemon for other people. I don't want to move my unused pokemon from AS to Y because like seeing my almost-living-dex that accumulated when I was going for the shiny charm, plus it helps when I'm starting a breeding project from scratch and need egg moves or natures. If only we got just one more box in the PC...

    I've never really used Substitute either, but I hear they're good for Baton Passers, especially those with Speed Boost+attack boosting move and can switch out quickly, or Pokemon with high HP so the next Pokemon will be able to take more hits before it fades. I SR'd for a good Raikou a while back and I want to try out that Sub+Calm Mind set everyone always uses on it.

    Ooh that's cool! I missed the Mew code from the Newsletter because I couldn't get into my e-mail address anymore and had to change it RIGHT as they were giving them out :/ I WILL get a mew eventually though, because I want to play with one in Pokemon-Amie too! I just got my second chance Darkrai today at least. And yeah, we SHOULD be able to nickname events! Booo weird/nonsensical/meaningless OTs like WIN2016 or whatever!
    Also just so you know, I'm going to bed now. Good night!
    Wow, that'll be a lot of Eevees... @_@ You're right, it'd be good to save some other MM projects to do in between each eevee hunt.
    Hmm yeah, that doesn't sound like a very fun book o_O Maybe find an audio version of the book so you can listen to it while you breed? ;P

    I was just thinking Return because it's stronger, but Hyper Voice would be good too for Substitutes, and probably just as strong on an all-special set as Return would be on a mixed set because of the EV spread.

    I'm really indecisive too! I already have a Modest Chandelure with 252 sp atk/252 speed. I want the shiny one to be more defensive, possibly with Calm Mind, so maybe I should ignore speed altogether and go modest 252 HP/252 sp atk. For Timid, it would have to be 252 sp atk/252 speed and sacrifice way more bulk for speed... kinda leaning toward Modest as was originally planned.
    At least it would only be a matter of switching the everstone and destiny knot on the parents because my Japanese Haunter is Timid and my English Litwick is Modest lol.
    That's a tough call for Eevee's nature... that's also why I'm putting off Litwick even though it'll be an easier hunt; I can't decide between timid or modest. But anyways back to Eevee, since you're using stored power, you could sacrifice attack and go Timid or Bold. I think Timid would be better since you'd be able to avoid a second hit and outspeed more pokemon after the +2 speed.

    I'm still only 30 eggs into the Gligar hunt and haven't worked on it today, nor will I be able to get to it tomorrow. BUT when I do, at least I'm still in the early stages of an MM hunt: confident and hopeful, thinking over and over "It's gonna happen soon!" I'm not grouchy or sick of pink Gligars yet. :p
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