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  • Oh yeah, and as for Glaceon, I'd just go with whatever ability pops up on the first 5IV you get lol. It's either healing or dodging, and I think both are about equal.
    A nature for an unevolved Eevee... HMMM... wow that's pretty hard. It depends; if you want it to be purely offensive with stored power, then maybe Naive or Hasty so you can make use of both offensive stats gaining +2 and do a mixed set with Return + mostly attack EVs. If you want it to have Wish to keep it healthy and hard to take down after the boosts, then probably Relaxed or Sassy - OR if you want to keep the speed, then maybe Bold and go for a purely special moveset. It's kinda hard to be defensive and a mixed attacker at the same time. If I were to have a Z move Eevee, I'd personally go with a Naive nature.

    Ah jeez I forgot about its 4x weakness to ghost too... and pursuit and knock off... bleh. I hope its stats are good. At least its ability kinda helps (basically Multiscale but renamed). I agree, ghost/dark or ghost/fairy would've been the coolest typings for it. I still really want to see a dark/fairy but I prefer a ghost type on Lunala.
    All righty, just let me know when you're ready to send some pokemon/eggs over and I can get that done for you :)

    Booo gender imbalances! :p I have a few 12.5% female pokemon that I tried to get a female of, and they're all like 3-4IV lol. It's just too annoying to deal with the ratios. However I got lucky and got a 5IV female HA eevee about a week ago, which will become an Espeon. :3

    Oh wow, I never noticed that Solgaleo is weak to fire. XD That IS funny -- kinda like how Lunala is 4x weak to Dark...
    I can also help you with move tutors. I saw that you needed your Tyranitar to learn Stealth Rock; any others? I have over 230 BP from using Pokemon Bank so if I need an ability capsule, I can get one too.
    Yeah that was annoying with the tutors since I didn't buy Platinum and missed out on stuff, but I'm glad HGSS included everything that D/P didn't. I will be getting Moon when it comes out anyway, because this time I'm just too excited to wait! I'm kinda doubting they'll have a third game in the series this time since they haven't done that since gen 4, and gens 5-7 broke a lot of rules. Pokemon Star is an awesome name though! I also heard maybe Pokemon Eclipse.

    Too bad about not getting Drought, but the fire immunity Flash Fire gives is cool too, especially if you have something like a Ferrothorn that's just a magnet for fire attacks and then you can switch out and get a free boost. With Gligar though, I pretty much NEED the HA because I don't like weather teams anymore (even when weather was permanent, I never used them). Hyper Cutter might be decent to protect against intimidate, but I'm still going to hope for Poison Heal Gliscor :3
    I was going to ask if you were going to use Adaptability because that's definitely the best ability for an unevolved Eevee.

    Oookay, I understand that halfwidth/fullwidth stuff now! That explains it then.
    Sure, I can hatch the eggs for you! Do you want them nicknamed in that specific order?
    I noticed that the font is different too. I wonder why.
    No, I didn't restart a file or anything. AS is my main (and first 6th gen) game ever since it came out and I only got Y a little over a month ago, I think? I didn't buy X or Y right away because I wanted to wait for Z instead, and of course that never happened :/
    Tuesday is fine for me to trade :D

    In other news, I got my 5IV female Gligar today so I can start MMing! I also want to prepare a female Litwick and I can't decide which to MM first. Litwick will be easier because I won't have to worry about getting the HA, plus I have a nickname ready while I have no idea what to name my future shiny Gligar.
    jeeeez lol, congrats again! but I do get what you mean where you need to save your shiny luck for the ones you want. Before I MMed shiny Gastly, I had found two random encounter shinies in one day, so I suspect that's why Gastly took so long lol. The other day I found a shiny Torkoal, but that was in my new Y game with no shiny charm so hopefully that won't mess me up when I MM for Gligar. :p
    "He's cool at times, which mr. mime can never hope to be" ...I lol'd. hard. Poor Mr. Mime XD I kept my Mime Jr. unevolved because admitttedly it is kinda cute... until it evolves o_o

    Oh yeah, I just saw that I don't have an extra premier ball eevee (I do have an extra dream ball female though), but I can breed one real quick. I can put Baton Pass on it if you plan to breed it with a male that also has it, and then you won't have to level it up to 33.

    edit: I got your 5IV female adamant intimidate moon ball Mawile (phew lol)! I nicknamed it Unseelie for you too.
    It IS pretty unfortunate that Eevees aren't available in HGSS at all. Moon Ball would've been perfect for Umbreon, and Love Ball for Espeon or Sylveon. My Umbreon is in an Ultra Ball because of the ball's colors and the animation having purple and yellow, even though the theme doesn't match. Is there even really a theme for an Ultra Ball? I know it has an H on it because of the original Japanese name for it, so it would be good for a pokemon whose species name or nickname starts with an H.

    I already have a spare HA eevee in a premier ball for Espeon I can give you :D One of mine is in a premier ball as well because of the pink animation. I have another in a dream ball that I plan to send to Pokemon Moon, in case you want a dream ball eevee too.

    As for the shiny eevee's poke ball, that's a tough decision... Of those two, I think I would personally go with a Timer Ball because of the time/eon theme, AND because the circle of orbs represent its evolutions that are about to come protect it when you use the Z move.
    Yeah that's perfectly fine, thanks! Hope you like your Swablus ^_^ I should be getting the mawile tomorrow too.
    Haha, it sure seems that way whenever I have to trade with someone on the forums. They're always awake when it's like 5-6 am here and there's no way I can be awake then whether I stay up late or wake up early x_x
    I sleep way too much and really wish I didn't. It's easy for me to oversleep and then I wake up with a headache. I'm also like you in that I feel better about sleeping if I did something productive.
    btw are you still here? I can get online real quick...
    *keeps leaving after sending messages* sorry again lol; I guess we'll have to trade tomorrow!
    It's always fun meeting friendly people here, that's for sure.
    Dang, 2-3 hours of sleep? I slept maybe 7 hours last night and could barely handle it so I had to take a nap XD
    ah sorry I left right after I sent that message ^^;
    hmm, well I was thinking I'd take the scatterbug for the mawile, but never mind then, I will take the scatterbug and pumpkaboo first. Then when I get the moon mawile, I'll breed for the one you requested in exchange for the munchlax. :3
    Wooow I didn't even think of Stored Power or Baton Pass! Hopefully GameFreak didn't either :D I hope that scenario actually happens lol.
    By the way I got both Swablus bred and nicknamed. pillowpet is the 5IV adamant moon ball male and Cotton-candy is the dream ball modest female and randomly turned out to be 6IV :D Those two and a 4IV love ball Chansey are ready to trade for the pumpkaboo and munchlax.
    Yeah, I did see that and I can't wait to try it! It WOULD be nice on a silvery-white Eevee :3 It's also interesting how not all Z moves are going to be just "BAM, does a ton of damage and that's it," but instead can open up more strategies for a longer match.
    Hahaha, wow, congrats AGAIN on that second shiny! If I ever accidentally find a duplicate shiny, then sure, we can trade.
    I hope you feel better soon! :eek: take your time with the trade PMs since I'm still waiting on the mawile anyway.

    lol, well okay, I'm glad you don't have to get a bunch of 6IVs for that guy now. I never liked the term "flawless" because 5IVs can be perfect too (if there's a stat you're never going to see used), and then it can get confusing.
    Here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_moves_in_other_languages, this might be useful. It seems like it's updated! About Kanji, I've heard that at some point in life, depending on what your career is, you start learning a set of Kanji, as there are so many.. you can't hope to learn them all in a lifetime!! That's encouraging :T A bit at a time.
    Haha, the advantage of being a native spanish speaker is that.. if you want to enjoy the rest of the world as much, you have to learn english, and be good at it! Anyway, a pleasure Yume, be sure to write from time to time.
    - Daniel
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