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  • you could start a data-collection initiative on the rate of successful calls of ditto-smeargle with 1hp, and on the rate of imposter dittos (since each imposter takes 1 less turn to faint), and then set up a program that will calculate the average number of pokemon KO'd for the number of recycles you have, as well as a handy graph showing the distribution of percentage likelihood for each number of possible pokemon. ;P

    But in all serious, recycles probably could be used as an estimation of pokemon fainted. Note, however, that it is pokemon fainted, not turns, that matter, and since a regular ditto takes two turns to faint (1 to transform and 1 to faint), in ideal circumstances with a 100% call and 100% call success rate and no imposter dittos, it'd take 16, not 8, recycles (minus chain setup time) to get to forty KOs.
    Haha, I always check the time that goes by, but it just now occurred to me that I could also count how many times the Smeargle Recycles. if 4 max IVs really cap at 40, then after 8 Recycles, that should be 40 turns... but Dittos don't always appear when it calls for help (maybe they appear like 50-70% of the time? what do you think?). Sooo... maybe closer to 13-16 Recycles.
    Newp. I have hear a lot about you from Slowbro. :p

    Yep. Me and Slowbro live in the same town xD

    Haiiiii. I'm will btw. :) or Pikachu. Whichever suits you lol.

    If you ever want anything from LF. Just ask. I will raid hus bank xD

    I'm sure the leppa berry gives Ditto 5 PP because it recycles every 5 turns, not 10.
    I don't know when the 4IVs cap out either, but instead of counting Dittos, I check the time that goes by (even though that's less accurate...). I usually stop at around 35-40 minutes and then I get a 4IV every time, and I have 4 dittos now I think. :p My shiny has 2 perfect IVs, and like I said that was around 12 minutes in.
    Ohhh I totally forgot that Ditto only gets 5PP per move. All this time I kept thinking leppa berries activate before the move is completely used up. :p interesting that the leppa berry doesn't get it back to 10 PP, only to 5 for Dittos.
    I caught another Imposter Ditto, this time in a Heal Ball in case I ever want to use it competitively :p It has a max IV in HP so I totally could. Oh, and I found out something else while chaining: I found FOUR imposter Dittos IN A ROW! So... guess there's no rule for them appearing every few Dittos; every Ditto has a chance of having its HA. Not sure if the chance rises after a while or stays the same starting at a certain point or what.

    I feel your pain. I've been there. I hate it when you're trying to catch something and it keeps calling for help so you have very few chances to throw a ball. u_u
    EEEEE I just got a shiny Ditto too! XD I was chaining for 4IVs and one appeared about 12 mins into the chain. Caught it in a Dive Ball to match the colors. I wanted to go for an Imposter Ditto, so I kept switching to Butterfree (who induces status to catch the Dittos) in case an Imposter showed up, and if not then I switched back to Lampent. That's my strategy right now. :p If I find a shiny HA, I'm gonna try to get it in a Beast Ball, since the capture rate isn't really as low as you'd think. I caught a Grubbin in one (after it broke out of maybe 5) and its HP was in the yellow. Can't remember if it was paralyzed or put to sleep...
    yh u did sorry, I wasnt paying attention lol

    those 3 are fine. If i breed them soon will you still be here?
    I'd like:

    Beast Gastly/Vulpix
    Moon Salandit/Moon riolu

    If you want to pick from me? I have a spreadsheet in my signature
    I know this is great! :D
    Who needs her? :p

    Thanks for the trade!!

    I got a bunch more stuff if you had any new ones as well?
    Oh cool, glad you got a shiny out of that method so quickly! If you ever want to try for a shiny imposter Ditto, all you have to do is switch Lampent out after a while into the chain and have a pokemon that can OHKO the summoned dittos like normal chaining. Having memento is just to make it so you only press A without needing to pay attention.

    Using my two new 4IV Dittos, I hatched my first 5IV pokemon of gen 7: a friend ball bounsweet! took forever so I had a lot to wonder trade. in doing so, I also got my first apricorn ball from WT: a lure ball bagon. :D only took three boxes worth of pokemon, lol.
    Gmt 0 england time. You sent the message at midnight my time and u said it was 5pm your time when u sent the message so 7 hr gap. Yes 8am onwards your time
    Wait, facilities can have more than three stars? :p
    Maybe just the three-star ones are shiny? I don't know how common it is. Makes me wonder if the Gengar haunted houses can be shiny too :eek:
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