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  • Hmm... according to Serebii's itemdex, there are no apricorns in S/M. It seems like you only get one of each apricorn ball in the whole game as well... so you'll have to use it wisely, and soft reset if the pokemon breaks out. I for sure want an Eevee in a love ball, and maybe I'll save my moon ball for a HA Rowlet when that becomes available so I can have my shiny Decidueye in a moon ball. Friend ball might go to Bounsweet but I'm not sure yet. I'm sure a lot of people here will be trading all kinds of apricorn ball pokemon soon enough! :D

    Ralts is in Serebii's "Unobtainable Pokemon" list in S/M, but that's okay, since I can just transfer my male HA apricorn ball Ralts over and breed them in Moon.
    I'm on the second island as well. I recently cleared the third trial, and my team consists of four out of the six pokemon I wanted to use. I only need Jangmo-o and Mimikyu now.
    Have you noticed some trainers throwing apricorn balls? I've seen a lot of Friend Balls and a couple of Lure Balls so far! :D I can't wait to get some of my own in this game. I also read that male parent pokemon can pass their poke ball when breeding with Ditto, so that should mean HAs as well! Finally I can have HA Gallades in apricorn balls :'D
    Hey, did Amazon deliver on time yesterday?
    Congrats on the shiny Eevee and getting its HA, wooo!

    Is it confirmed that Evoboost can be baton passed/used with stored power? Because yeah, Espeon will be a really scary sweeper... and you can give it Morning Sun and maybe Dual Screens to make it hard to take down. I don't think you could use its Z-move after Evoboost because they're once per battle right?

    That's pretty cool about your class being filmed. Will I be able to see you on TV? ;)
    Okay get some good sleep ^.^

    Hmm I might just try that when I get it.
    I just am going to go for shinies because I never really was able to get them much until now.
    It's Genesect this time, right? Sure, I could pick up a code for you. Does this one also end at the end of the month?

    Aw, guess it's too late for me to order through Amazon. I only have a debit card I could use but I'd need to go put the money in my account... bleh.

    Those shinies will be a nice present for her :D
    [Hey are you going to be on tonight, beacuse your ferroseed is ready. I can't give you perfect 0 Iv but I got all 6 perfect Iv's ( its the best I can do until I find 0 Iv dittos to breed with and I know your waiting.)]
    So much craziness lately that I keep forgetting how close we are to release! Yep, I plan to head over to GameStop and pick up Moon on Friday. I don't really like pre-ordering for whatever reason...
    Me too, I will have to continue hatching shinies on my AS game until I get the shiny charm in Moon.

    Wow that's a lot of HA females o_o good luck getting the shiny soon! If it doesn't get its HA, maybe MM something else and come back to it again later. That's what I plan to do if my Gligar doesn't get its HA. And yeah, I was able to hatch a few more eggs a while ago but I don't have a lot of room left in my boxes. T_T Guess I'll have to shove everything into Bank.
    Hahaha, poor Gumshoos.
    Mimikyu's stats kinda seem reminiscent of Rotom's to me (base form, not appliance forms). makes me hope for a new stronger form(s) for it, or maybe its true self without the disguise, but evolved and scarier-looking.

    It's like GF noticed they have too many fast Pokemon that are competing with each other, which are also making decent speed stats (like 90-105) seem slow by comparison. I noticed several pokemon got slight defense buffs to keep up with the rising offensive stats.
    Oh cool, then Will and Halt will make a good duo, especially since the shiny one will likely have way better IVs (and nature, unless you SR for your starter's nature).

    I checked out the base stats for all the new pokemon (after waiting for my computer to unfreeze from how big the file was). Mimikyu's stats ARE pretty decent actually :eek: and yes I saw the song lol. I'm really surprised how many pokemon have a base speed of 80 or less o_O there are lots I would've expected to be really fast, like Decidueye (who was described as being fast on the website, wasn't it?) and Vikavolt, among others.

    lol, I didn't see the resemblance until someone pointed it out. My first thought of Gumshoos was Columbo or Detective Dan from All That :p
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