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  • No, I haven't decided yet! :eek: Let's see... Decidueye for sure... maybe Mimikyu even though its stats will likely be low but that's okay. Kommo-o, Lycanroc-midnight, whatever Salandit's evo is called, and... Vikavolt. :D I'd say Silvally but I'm kinda doubting it'll be available early enough - or maybe the Memories will be found post-game like Arceus's plates.
    I usually don't nickname the pokemon I use on my first run-through. I love your choices of nicknames though! Pikaboo is perfect. If you don't mind me asking, any particular reason for Will the Decidueye?
    [ Okay though I will, I just feel bad because I keep forgeting that you other stuff to do so I am sorry.
    I can help you with other things though if you want me to. I will go get your ferroseed fixed with a 0 Iv speed tonight. I am sorry for not being a good friend yumenokage.]
    Eh, don't worry about me helping with dex stuff; as long as it's not legends or anything it isn't really any trouble for me to GTS them as I don't have anything I want to GTS for myself at the moment, and like I said it helps me free up box space by getting rid of extra pokemon. At the very least take the ones I've already gotten (which is all the ones you gave me in the list; it went really quickly).
    [ You don't have do much any more, I feel really bad that your doing so much for me and I haven't done much for you. I found a friend safari that has Ferroseed so I am sure I could find something there, I just caught a liepard so I am doing better with finding the pokemon I asked you help for. I cancel everything else except if you could just trade me an Eevee. I feel so Bad that I should be asking YOU if you ned anything, since I am getting better at breeding I would volunteer to help you out more. I am so SORRY yumenokage]
    [ For whatever reason I can't get a pokemon that has no Iv's for speed, I freaked out once because I ended up putting perfect speed on it. Is there a way to find pokemon with no ivs in a certain stat because I just got a new Friend Safari that might be able to make it 0.]
    [ yeah I have to get Buuz's done and then we can trade, btw I can't get Pine-nuts speed to be perfect zero but for the most part its done. Buuz's will be done the day after tomorrow so I can get all set up for the trade. Yeah My mom and Grandma think that Trump had some help from within the white house but whatever, I don't think he will last very long because he has absolutely no training for that and he won't be able to live up to his promises. We also think he does crack with that constant noes twitch that drugies have.]
    [ okay I dont really have much else for kalos pkdex but I will have to figure out what i need for national dex, anyways I have to go work on some more schoolwork so I pm you later with the ones I need help with too.]
    [ I have another question about breeding, can ditto pass on a pokeball to eggs, if its in the role of the mother? I was just wondering because I am going to breed premier balls onto my competitive team. ]
    Sorry, whenever you want to form a tag team in the multi battle your Mii character gets two pokemon and if your have friends, you can use their Mii trainers, like you would with Shauna, Trevor, and Terino.
    I didn't know that pokebank does that, I can't afford that yet so I use the battle mansion and instatute ( sorry forgot how to spell that correctly. ) so.
    Like I said before I would have my pokedex completed already if I could transfer from my older games, but I can't yet so I have to gts stuff.
    Hey yumenokage,
    So today I went to go collect bp to get some trade items and I used your character thingy in the multi battle, and your team is a sweeper team that can take out everyone on the field.
    I normally use this team ( Q2PG-WWWW-WW4R-LAJ2 ) but I wanted to switch it up today and try out your team, and I nearly lost my streak with it.
    Wow if that could have been really you I would-be really scared.
    Oh okay, thanks for explaining that to me. It cleared up a lot I wasn't sure about. I knew about different levels of autism because one of my friends was found to have a very low level after I'd been friends with her for a few years. She was in advanced programs in school and I never would've guessed she was autistic based on how she acted.

    I've heard my mom saying how people think it can be caused by vaccines and I knew that couldn't be true. I don't know how I knew but it just seemed too ridiculous. I also heard PETA claiming that milk causes autism just to stop people from drinking it. ._. like, come on...

    Nice new sig too! Mine is... boring XD I wish I could add pictures (besides pokemon box icons) but no one will tell me why it doesn't work for me.
    I just can't explain the story, so just read the story and you can understand a little bit more why my brothers were born premie.
    I have a ton of pokemon traped in my older games, but I can't afford pokemon bank just yet.
    Also I will be getting Sun for Christmas and Alpha Sapphire for my birthday.
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