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  • Yeah I know how you feel, before my stepdad passed I had four stepsisters, if there mom didn't hate my mom so much they would be living with us too but...
    Anyways yeah my mom got real sick before they were born. The Hospital went into panic mode trying to save both them and her ( this happend about 4 months after he died so ) they had to be C sectioned out of my mom and then they tried to stabilize her.

    Nearly all of my step sisters won't talk to us or even think about their dad ( lies from their jealous mom who thought that he beening happy with my mom was not okay ) This we all heard from Jesse who is my age and looks a lot like her Dad.
    We had a lot of mouths to feed then but now its just me and my super hungry brothers.

    If you want to know the story I recamend Googling Chris Ezell Anchorage Alaska.
    Oh my mom has to feed a small army for food, but we generally wait for sales, with coupons to coupon shop. Most of the time we do several transactions at multiple stores in the morning, so we don't have to deal with other people ( most people forget their manners at nearly run my little brothers over if we're out later than 10:00 am, when people tick off my Nana she can be really mean and angry { she is not a people person anyways } So...)
    I don't go to public school anyways my mom won't allow it ( my little brothers were born autistic and smaller than premie, plus they have asthma problems, so they can't go. Not only that but with all of the teacher problems going on too, She's even more skeptical. And the Busess might not even come out to where we are right now.)
    So I am home-schooled and can study at my own pace. The hair cut is because for Halloween I was a Werewolf and to go with the costume, my mom allowed me to grow out my hair, beard and nails ( sort of ) on the condition that I get it all off after Halloween. Yesterday I shaved my beard ( it took over an hour or more to shave it off ) and Tomorrow I get my hair cut to look nice for the holidays.
    Oh and my brother Robert and I can out eat many things when we are feeling good so, to sum it up I have alot to do.
    Yeah I have to go coupon shopping with my mom and get a hair cut among other things.
    As for being a morning person it depends on how I am feeling, some days its fa-fla-la-la and others its ''Just shut up and pour.''
    I have your egg, Buuz's, and Nexus's ( if he ever gets online long enough. ).
    That and my eggs, I will put on the GTS for pokedex pokemon, to do.
    Sorry I am just going to breed everyones eggs and then contact all of them at the same time so that way afterwards I can work on Iv breeding for myself and finish the national dex so I can have the shiny charm.
    Also I have to get up really early tomorrow to go do lots of things in town.
    Oh wow :eek: My mom used to work at my high school in the class with kids who had high levels of autism and severe disabilities and I got to meet some of em. One guy wasn't in that class because he had whatever that type of autism is that makes your IQ extremely high (forgive me for being unknowledgeable on the subject). I remember him demonstrating his knowledge of chemistry formulas and he had never even taken a chemistry class.

    The bolded text doesn't say anything specifically about HAs though, while the text above does, so I figured the 80% was just for regular abilities. It could've been worded better.
    Yeah, as much as I love Decidueye's design, if it looked ghostly it would've been way cooler.
    It's been weeks since I last bred some Gligars. :c I have indeed been busy with a lot of different things. Too bad because I was hoping to get it in October or on/close to Halloween... ah, a shiny Litwick hatched in October would've been perfect as well, especially since I plan to name him/her Cider. :3

    I'd say multitasking is good to distract yourself from your anxiety and whatnot. I've been diagnosed with two different anxiety disorders myself, and having distractions and working on hobbies is really the only way I know how to cope. And no, I haven't heard that he's autistic - that IS interesting!

    Cool, congrats on that Gastly! Also I read on Bulbapedia that the Hidden Ability ratio is 60%, while it's 80% for when the female pokemon has one of two regular abilities.
    I like Intimidate over Flash Fire for Arcanine (mostly because I like defensive pokemon), unless you wanna do one of each?
    Actually I'm not surprised Decidueye is a ghost-type. Barn owls are sometimes called ghost owls or death owls, and Decidueye is based on the stilt-owl, which was native to Hawaii and is now extinct. It's like it came back from the dead o.o
    Yaaay finally *officially* revealed! Ghost typing is really cool for Decidueye (and for a starter in general) even though it doesn't even look like a ghost. All my ghosts are purple and this one will really stand out, lol but not if it's shiny I guess. I will definitely go for a shiny one as well.
    Aw man that is painful T_T But you did the right thing.
    Bahaha, I love that comic. I think that too, like, here I go increasing the wild Gastly/Gligar population... plus I also feel bad for the parents, lol.
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